Kunchen, Quintus or Domitia?

Hi all,

Debating with myself who to level, as I have 6 tabards, and three purple heroes at 3.70. I already have one Kunchen maxed out, as well as Ursena, so I was actually thinking Domitia as a sniper for titans and raids or wars, but hard to justify not levelling up Kunchen tbh. Been reading this forum with interest and am frankly impressed with the strategic thinking on display so thought it wise to ask the nice people here!

I have Domitia at +7, while I have Seshat+19, most of my rogue emblems went to Marjana. Don’t have Kunchen, but would say 1 is enough. So, my Domitia is nice to play in war and Titans. Have Quintus at 1/1 forever.

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Cheers, that’s what I thought, so I’ll go ahead and ascend!

Domitia isn’t a sniper, average speed okay damage. Wait until Costume portal, see who you get.

Agree, Based on what you have leveled up, I wouldn’t do anything now.
Wait and see if you get costumes or another dark hero.

Happy gaming

Not a second Kunch for sure. On deep war teams another Rigard is easier to ascend and almost as good.

Interesting, thanks everyone, I guess I’ll hold off for a while and see what the Hero Academy throws out

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