Need Help: Proteus vs. Domitia in DEF Team

Hi guys!
My current Def.Team is:
Domitia, Inari, Ariell, Khagan, Horghall
Now I see that the Defense Rating of Domitia
ist only Grad C. Should I try the Team with Proteus? Ariell and Proteus would get 5% Def-Bonus cause they are both Atlantis Family and I could put the Emblems from Domitia to Inari to. Thx for your answers and sorry for my bad english.

What level are we talking about?

All Heroes are maxed + Emblems. Domitia +2 at this point, Proteus +11. The Others are All between +3 and +6.

This are both Teams. In one week Ariel is with Emblems +4 and Proteus at +10. Which Team do you like more?

Proteus is probably the best 4* out there but he is better on offense where you can control him and block the heroes you want. Usually on defense he is barely a threat and he doesn’t have the bulky stats of Domi.


Domitia for sure . Better stats in 100!! Or even 200… Also he is not good in defence

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Thanks for your answers. Proteus is now out for Defense.
Another Question: Would you change the positions of Domitia an Inari?
Domitia on Flank and Inari on the left wing?

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