Purple ascension advice: Kunchen or Domitia

Hello All,

My 4* and 5* roster for reference:

I know, first thing that comes to your mind, no brainer for Kunchen as he is overall the much better hero. So why the dilemma:

  • Kunchen will not get into my def team raid or war
  • I have cleric emblems on Ariel and not stripping her, I use her in all raid attacks and she holds 2600 cups for me as raid tank + we run blue war tanks
  • in war i use mono teams where i usually run only one healer, i prefer my sabina +20 here as she charges with 9 tiles. Kunchen would not really get to my war mono attack team while domi could have a place
  • i do not have a 5* dispeller, i still use my sonya +20 if i need one. I had no luck on the likes of Seshat or Zeline
  • I am still trying for Ursena on this atlantis, but have only a few pulls left, no big chance here

So the question is especially to those who have a maxed Domitia:

  • Is she useable as a dispeller or am I better off continuing using Sonya since she is fast speed
  • Do you still use her often or is she the kind of average hero that after some point just ends up on the bench?

Appreciate your feedback

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My roster isn’t as extensive as yours, however I do like Domitia and use her regularly.

Her dispell is useful and her tile damage is decent. With attack troops and emblems, her special hit is also reasonable.

He rogue talent is one of the better ones, too.

There’s a good discussion about her here, which I also contributed to.

In summary: Not the best at anything, but serviceable and flexible.

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I have never summoned for Kunchen as i am not sure where he will fit in?

Dominitia as a rogue gave me chance to put some emblems on her and at level 8 i dropped a tile to 9 on her. As i continued to work on her she became more punchy and is great to follow in Tibs Or Panther. Dispel is handy and defense against titans. I see her as average and definetely jot competing with Shesat but she tends to do slot of work lately.

Play with what you have and need i guess

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System Message: Domitia’s self esteem has increased by 1!

Anyway… I would ascend Kunchen.


Sabina over kunchen is …wow

If you need speed and run only one healer then yes, sabina+20 over kuni it is. I did try it with kunchen as well, but as only healer he often charges way too late. He is okay if i run two healers.

While I can see the need for dispelers in the roster, I just dont feel like Domitia is a good use of 6 tabards just for her x3 man dispel.

You have x2 Caedmon (one heavily emblem), x1 Sabina heavily, x2 Sonya (one heavily emblem).
You also have Hel and Proteus, while not dispelers if they go first you get to block 3 enemies ult. Which you can consider as “pseudo dispel” (sure thing, monk/cleric shenannigans but you get my drift).

What I see is that you have a lot of dispels, 3 of them are in a really good shape for you to use in your first 3 raids attacks. Now, because of this I would not invest in Domitia. You may as well wait for May and keep and eye on Clarissa. Even if she gets nerfed and you dont want her, you may as well keep hoarding those Tabards. New S3 heroes are comming and you never know when your guild goes Purple tank, so having the flexibility for the near future can always be good.

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Thank you. Yes this is the decision I ultimately came to as well. Either I get Ursena today or I wait for Clarissa and only if I do not get them or other better hero I decide. I saw today they brought Clarissa to GM level, with this I trust they will not nerf her more so I will save my tabards for now. Thanks everyone for your time and feedbacks


Well, I got a bit frustrated that from 40 pulls I got nothing this Atlantis (but dont worry, i am not going to bash rng and summons, they were more than fair to me for the year I play and I always accepted the odds).

I decided that I prefer to strengthen my squad now and Kunchen got the nod. I could not justify to myself giving tabards to an average hero instead of a top tier one. And I also realized that my purple mana troop soon hits level 17 so I shave one tile off Kunchen, so he may get his use as my main purple mono healer after all.

If I get Clarissa that is fine, she will wait a few months for the next set of tabards. Thanks all again.


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