New player roster help

Hello everyone!

I’ve been playing for a week now, and I got tempted by the atlantis offer, bought some gems and spent them on atlantis summons and elemental summons (dark) and now I have the following heroes:

I used to run Prisca, then I got Balthazar and Rigard now and I don’t know what to do. 3 healers is a bit too much, isn’t it?

Should I just level Rigard and feed him with every purple I have or should I keep Balthazar/Prisca?

I also just got Gadeirus, is he any good, or should I keep Melendor in my roster? Also, is Mnesseus worth keeping?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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Mnesseus is worth keeping because he is an attack centered version of Tyrum. Gaderius I would keep for now until you get a better green tank. As for your dark heroes, level up Balthazar first as the mats needed for Rigard to ascend are still a ways off for you unless you get lucky. Building your three star roster is vital to having roster depth and be able to compete in the three star raid tournaments and rare difficulties of the seasonal events. All the common and uncommon heroes are feeders to level up your three stars and higher. How is your buildings looking in terms of levels @Mused?


Thank you! I just got to lvl 8 stronghold and buildings, probably gonna rush stronghold 11 now and focus on mines, farms, storages and TC.


@Mused When you do get your SH to 11, try to have at least 3 TC 11s running as you can ‘bank’ food and recruits. I know there is a topic somewhere explaining this concept better. I’m gonna go find it.

EDIT: Okay, found it. Optimizing TCs for feeders..?

If you frequent youtube, look up NittanyLionRoar’s beginners guide to Empires & Puzzles. He also has an expert’s guide too that covers all the advanced buildings and all the more endgame stuff.


Don’t feed any of your 3* right now. You will need them for much longer than you think.
Check out this thread, lots of good information and guidance in the links provided.


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