Please rate my roster of heroes

Hello guys. I started to play around end of august.
Now , besides the lacking of level of some heroes (mostly because i got them lately) i consider i have a pool that if i level certain ones i would be able to move freely through the map , missions and most of events .

What do you think? Which ones are the best? You can make a top if you want .

Thanks in advance

You are lucky to have nearly all the 4* healers (except for Kiril). I’d max them all.
Also, it is worth focusing on 4* heroes first without spending resources and mats on 5*. Once you have a deep roster of 4* they will help you getting mats for 5* generation.

So, I’d focus on building at least two rainbow 4* teams.

You don’t have many yellow 4* heroes, so Hu Tao is fine.

In purple I’d max Tiburtus and then Rigard. Sabina is a good healer, but Rigard is unique as the only cleanser of your team’s ailments.

Blue… Just Sonya. Good luck fetching Grimm and Kirill.

Green: Kasshreck can be used as your raid defense tank, but in offense he is weak. Little John and later Melendor (a green version of Sabina).

Red: Gormek then, probably, Boldtusk.


Yeah i was Lucky to Fetch good healers . On the other hand i wasnt blessed with damage dealers .
My only source of damage are colen, a boost from boldtusk and maybe tib or sonya.