Help with team please

hi been playing for a few months now and I’m stuck on which path I should take with team selection, I have put a small amount of money in the game and will in future(even tho odds are crazy), so and help will be appreciated thanks.

You have the makings of a very good roster there!! Totally jealous to see both Wilbur and Proteus sitting in it smirking at me. It appears your main issue is ascension materials. So for the time being I’d concentrate on several rainbow teams of 3*, and bringing certain 4* up to 3/60. Grimm, Sabina, Gade and Cheshire are all worth bringing to 3/60. So the 3* should come 1st as they will immediately help with getting AM’s.

If you aren’t in an alliance I’d highly suggest joining one. As Titan runs and Alliance war chests will be a good source of AM’s.

You will get better advice shortly from much better players than I, so good luck and may RNGesus shower you in AM’s!!!


I missed Danza, and Skittles…to a lesser degree but you seem to need green 4* heroes so she’s not terrible at all.

As far as 4* go I recommend leveling the following for a decent team.

Rigard, Wilbur, Gaderius, Chao, Grimm. When rigard is maxed Proteus is a necessary hero.

Also finish up your 3* that are close to max. Gato, namahage, muggy and Balthazar are good to have maxed.

Most people recommend having at least two 3* rainbow teams before building your 4* teams. It’s good advice.


thanks yeah i got proteus last Atlantis and wilbur this time in a 10x pull, hope you get them next time around, only just got Grimm and Gadeirus so will work on them in time, I have been working on a 3* rainbow team, but keep getting sidetracked with others e.g rigard and proteus, guess I need to choose a path and stick to it. thanks

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yeah I really need to focus on my 3*, but when I get a 4* my head turns lol, just need to focus on the long term, and thanks for input that 4* team was close to what I was thinking.


You could do things « differently » by taking 1 4* team to 3/60 before working on 2-3 3* rainbows team
Blue : Grimm, Gato, Gunnar, Ulmer
Yellow : Danza, 1 Kailani, Chao
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gilra
Red : Wilbur, Namahage, Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Nashgar
Green : Gadeirus, Brienne, Berden, Belith, Muggy, Mnesseus
Have fun leveling those heroes :wink:
Having a team of 3/60 with Wilbur, Rigard and Proteus will help you clear events and rare quests that will give you ascension mats.
Getting a few teams of 3* will help you have bench depth for alliance war and rare events and some raidT.


if you level gato and namahage chocin keep the doubles for now as once there maxed there special will be 6/8 you still you feed them to get 8/8 if you use the double it will bring them up much quicker

interesting having a different path, I like the idea, would a team of proteus, wilbur, rigard, Gadeirus, Grimm be my best bet ?, and I’ll continue working on 3* for sure especially for alliance wars,great post thanks for input.

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Oh hell yes, that’s almost a 4* dream team. @J1mau knows his stuff. He won’t steer you wrong!!


It would be a very solid team, even at 3/60. For challenge events, it surely will be enough for epic completion. Legendary will be tough though
Wilbur will greatly help with survival, so bring mana potions to charge him up.
Proteus will block the bosses from firing.
Gadeirus should be put between Proteus and Grimm, for the +attack and HoT.
Grimm will be the damage dealer
Rigard will heal and cleanse :relieved:
No dispeller could be a problem so be sure to use Proteus so the bosses can’t buff themselves
Have fun :partying_face:


that’s great to hear I’m still learning a lot, I’m going to browse the forum more and hopefully input where I can, if Gadeirus is inbetween Grimm and proteus, who would be best to be tank on defence, I use rigard as tank atm

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For defense :
Wilbur - Grimm - Rigard - Danza/Gad - Proteus
Rigard - Grimm - Gadeirus - Proteus - Danza/Wilbur
It could work well in gold, low platinum i think.


I like the first one, thanks very much for all the info, I better get farming👍


All my pleasure :wink:
Hope you have some fun !
Happy gaming :rofl:

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well just got kiril from tc13, very happy guess he’ll take Gadeirus spot, picking squads isn’t easy

I also need some advice and just to know if I’m on the right direction of team building. I’ve been playing for about 5 months and this is who I have on my heroes list mind you I never pay cash for game play. Any advice be useful

One more tip for completing missions with your team (even the hardest ones) - brienne + Wilbur will do serious damage - especially with a healer to keep her alive longer. If you time it right, especially against an attack all boss, you’ll be hitting 150%+ per tile. That, plus a halfway decent board = winning.


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