Please help me newbie to build offense/defense team

Hello all veterans! I’m newbie here.
Please help me to line-up for best overall team.
As you can see I don’t have many heroes, so I’m saving some gems to try my luck on finding some new 4*/5* heroes to better my team. What kind of heroes should I have? What should I concentrate on? I’m not be able to complete any rare quest. I’m currently at province 15 S1, and province 1 S2.
Thank you!

What 3* do you have?

Don’t rush at the highest level heroes, you base can’t cope with all the food and trainees they need. And if you can’t complete rare quests, then you won’t get enough items to ascend them.

Build a solid foundation of 3*.

They are useful in trials, events, wars and tournaments for ages.

Then you can concentrate on your elite heroes.

Difficult to say without your full roster, but the normal advice is to pick on hero of each colour and level them up as a team. Using the matching colour heroes to level them is the most efficient method.


How far a 3* team can go? I messed up the game since I got 4*/5* heroes, I used 3* heroes to train with them just because I think that 4*/5* are generally better. Perhaps I should keep my 3* heroes from now.

Yep, that’s a common mistake, eating all your three stars. They are vital in your first few months.

At least you kept Bane. You do need to summon some more threes though, they are important. Suggest Belith or Hawkmoon, and some of the fast hitters like Balthazar Berden Valen Nashgar are all worth looking for

On the upside you have got some heroes which will be with you for a long time like Boldtusk and Rigard, Grimm and Kiril are also great long term


Should I focus on building 4* team? I think I got enough resources to level them up.
Stronghold lvl11 is about to finish.

You can, but you definitely need three stars for stacking and depth

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Hello @Newbie91, welcome to E@P and the forums!

You can bring your 4* up to 3/60 but like many have said above definitely work on your 3*. They are quick and easy to level and will help you in alliance wars, initially fighting titans and working through the map levels.

Do NOT even touch your 5* until you have several fully leveled 3/4* teams. They take forever!!! I made that mistake myself with a 5* being my very 1st pull. What a curse that was!!!

Good Luck and may RNGesus bless you with many ascension materials (AM’s)


Hi @Newbie91. Welcome to The forums and you got some pretty good heroes. As everyone else has been saying get some 3 stars for bench depth, tourneys, and seasonal events. You got two out of the three pulverizer bros so at least your defense down is varied. And you got some of the best non holy buffers and healers in the game. All in all a good roster for later on. Don’t underestimate the three stars though as they can come in clutch in all areas of the game.

Atlantis is coming up so if you have a lot of gems saved up or a lot of Atlantis coins saved up for a few pulls, then pull at that summon as the Atlantis 3 stars are pretty darn good.


Thank you!
Where is Atlantis summon? I don’t see it. I’m just at province 1 - season 2.

You could level them, depending your food/ iron supply/storage and your current AMs.
But it would be a bit slower as a process, and you may stuck waiting to get ascension materials(AM) for each hero.
As others above said it is not late to level a 3* team, with the help of your current heroes, color-stacking when you need it, you can advance quicker with stages and raids. Moreover you will be able to participate in 3* only events and quests and have more chances to take AMs… and make more attacks in the wars!

Now if I was going to give it a try without 3* I wouldn’t aim maxing my heroes all the way, I would rather reach my first 4* team 3-60 (or 2-60 for the 5*) and then depending my AM for each color either move on to the next hero or level him to the next tier.
Having and using two strong heroes of the same color in your team would give stronger tiles hits of the particular colors that would make a nice difference…
Most of the heroes you kept are great and sooner or later you will level them, boldtusk would be better in first team as a booster+healer, Gormek does the same special with Grimm…
Other than that I believe you will feel stronger after leveling a second team and being able to use same color heroes… (either a quicker/cheaper 3* team or a 4* more time and supplies consuming team if you have the patience)

BTW did you buy gems or a VIP in order to get these nice players?
If you are not at any alliances you should try joining a good active one, you can find one that matches your style from the recruitment sector, they would give you guidance by just chatting with each other… :slight_smile:

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@Newbie91 It rolls along once a month and it is usually at the end of the month. I forget off the top of my head which summon it repleaces. It replaces either the epic summon or elemental summon. And you do not unlock season 2 until you get to province 15 in season one. Once season 2 is unlocked so will be all missions associated with it.


It’s only available for a few days a month during Atlantis Rises. I think it starts around 25th


@Newbie91, the Atlantis Summons will return on the 25th for 3 days. You can use Atlantis coins, 100 get you 1 Summons and the Season 2 Atlantis map has better rewards, costs less world energy and special enemies have a chance to appear that can drop additional coins.

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@JonahTheBard That sounds about right as that is the last Friday of the month and it always rolls around on that day.

@Aunty_Krauser, I believe it’s the last Thursday of the month? Although days all kind of blend together on occasion :wink:

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@PapaHeavy Yeah it is a Thursday. That just shows I need to get my bacon to sleep. Lol. :joy:

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Thank you!
I’d better gather resources to level up 3/4* heroes.
I got VIP pass so I have enough gems for 1 epic summon each week.


@Newbie91, another reason for summoning during Atlantis Rising is the chance to get old Heroes of the month (Hotm) which are not available in other Summons.

P.S not that you’ll want to start leveling those yet. But it’s nice to have some good 5* projects for the future, like you already do.


The monsters in Season 2 are so strong for me right now, and I’ve not finished Season 1 yet.


So that means I can access to Atlantis gate when it starts, coz I’m already in season 2 now.

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