NEW DIGITAL Empires and Puzzles Calendar of Events now accessible thru the web (Google Calendar & .iCal Formats)

Hi Everyone,
Delighted to announce the monthly calendar of events is now also a Google Calendar that you can subscribe to, or view via web link and/or iCal calendar.

You can use the follow links to simply view the calendar and/or if you have a Google Account and would like to subscribe.

Public address for calendar.

Public address for iCal format.

All dates listed have been set to (GTM + 00:00) Coordinated Universal Time allowing you to view the scheduled events in your specified time zone.
I will continue to create the monthly calendars as I have been in addition to maintaining the Google Calendar with the assistance of @zephyr1 (who came to me with the idea in the first place).

Hope you enjoy the new calendar option, please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, comments and suggestions.


whoop whoop!!!

Awesomeness @Novo and @zephyr1!!!

I reiterate my previous sentiments!!

Vote 1 NoVo for Presidential Elect!!!


amazing initiative, thank you!


One quick piece of feedback;

Would it potentially be possible to split the E&P calendar into sub-groups?

So say have like 6 (?) sub-groups / sub-calendars:

  1. Raid Tournaments
  2. Class Trials
  3. Rare Quests, Costume Chamber
  4. Alliance Wars
  5. Monthly Challenge Events
  6. Other (HotM etc…)

That way I/ we can selectively sync stuff? For example I personally don’t really need the Raid Tournament, HotM or War notifications / events to be synced to my personal calendar (as they are regular enough) but the rest of the stuff I’d love to keep…

Does that make sense?

EDIT - I don’t even know if this is possible… No experience personally with creating & sharing a calendar lol


@Guvnor there is a way to add the events you want without subscribing to the whole calendar. Simply click on the event you want and then click on the copy to my calendar.


It’s possible, and something I was thinking about, but would mean maintaining multiple calendars — which would obviously be more work, and more complicated for people to view or subscribe to.

I’d say it’s something we could consider down the road depending on how widespread usage becomes.


Thank you so much, Novo! You are awesome :smiley:


Thanks, I’ll share the link in my alliance’s LINE chat! :smiley:


Wow, thanks fellerz, awesome work. I guess be careful what you ask for; my calendar is now bombed and it defaulted to this fantastic shyte brown color. I guess it’s appropriate to how RNG treats me :wink:


Hi @wetworks, same thing happened to me on Google Calendars, but if you go to settings there is an option to change the color to your preference.


Lol, yeah I know, was making fun of the color and myself for not expecting so many entries. Thanks, though.


Anyone have any thoughts on why I am getting a notification that I cannot as the calendar in Google? Using a pixel 2xl.

I had that notification also;

You have to go thru an Desktop Computer & add it in there.

Then update the sync settings on your Google Calendar on the Phone.

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Added. This is way cool. Thanks @Novo


Hahaha! Thanks @nevarmaor I love it. I’m still waiting for my official Calendar Girl forums badge.


Didn’t we give you that title?



20 Characters


@Novo, slight error on the Calendar.

For the May Challenge Event (Grimforest) you have it starting on the 6th of May which is the FIRST Wednesday of may. It should be starting on the 13th of May (SECOND Wednesday).

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@Guvnor, thanks for the info and your patience. Finally got around to correcting this little error. May Challenge Event (Grimforest) has been updated on the digital calendar.


Thank u for the calendar!! There is SO much information to know and I’ve been playing less than a month and I still don’t have the hang of **everything ** but I’m trying :wink:

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