2020 SEPTEMBER Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Tavern of Legends, Masquerade, Atlantis, & Valhalla) Tentative

Here is the Tentative September 2020 Calendar of Events in multiple formats, including the “calendar back page” quick reference

Many thanks to the collaborators for their time and efforts…

zephyr1, littleKAF, Guvnor, Markpessan, Zartanis, VEIVE, VeryQuietly, christie, birksg, W01fheart, KahlanAmnell and ElThamer

If you notice any errors please let us know so we can get updated versions posted.

As with all EnP calendars, dates are tentative and may be changed (notably the rare quests which occur every 7-11 days, so calendar placement may be off slightly).


English Text Calendar by @Archaeo80 ...

Credit @Archaeo80

Brazilian Infographic Calendar by @Markpessan ...

Credit @markpessan

French With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit @Zartanis

English With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit @Zartanis

English Text B&W Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit @Zartanis

Italian Calendar by @VEIVE ...

Credit: @VEIVE

Chinese Calendar by @christie ...

Credit @christie

Japanese Calendar by @birksg ...

Credit: @birksg

Russian Calendar by @W01fheart ...

Credit: @W01fheart

Polish Calendar by @ColdHands ...

Credit: @ColdHands

English Calendar by @ColdHands ...

Credit: @ColdHands


English Monthly Quick Reference by @VeryQuietly ...

Credit: @VeryQuietly

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Event Schedule Changes (Version 30 Onwards)

NEW DIGITAL Empires and Puzzles Calendar of Events now accessible thru the web (Google Calendar & .iCal Formats)


Thanks @Archaeo80 and all the other hard workers for your awesomeness!!

Special thanks to @KahlanAmnell for stepping up to help manage the #digital_calendar

Special welcome also to @VeryQuietly for the inaugural publishing of the “quick reference” or “monthly cheat sheet”

Looking goooood!


Nice work yet again folks. 20 x thanks


Thanks people :+1::beer::beers::beer::hotdog::cowboy_hat_face:

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Version for russian community here

video version - Самый полный календарь событий Empires & Puzzles на сентябрь 2020 одной таблицей - YouTube


Thanks for pointing out the Quick Reference @Guvnor.

I did have a question about the reference @VeryQuietly. Why do Atlantis Day 1 deal and Valhalla Day 1 deal show two different gems/$ equivalent? 244 for Atlantis, but only 239 for Valhalla. Am I missing something, or is there a difference I didn’t spot?

Awesome reference BTW! Thanks so much!

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Thanks to the OP and to the calendar boys and girls. Appreciate your efforts.

Hmnnn… this would be the first month where only 3 rare quests for ascension mats (Farholme, Shiloh, and Morlovia) instead of the usual 4 monthly. What a shame.

:woman_facepalming:Totally a typo - thanks for catching that! Revised one will go up in main post shortly.

I double-checked all the math (because numbers are hard :laughing:) and also revised the third Valhalla and second ToL offer. 3rd Valhalla offer works out to 291.6667, rounded up to 292. Second ToL offer works out to 333.3333 and for consistency, I rounded it up to nearest whole number like I did all the other offers.


Score! Riddles event returns same week i get paid! Noiiice :smiley:

Polska wersja:

English version:


@VeryQuietly That quick ref is amazing! thank you so very much. @ColdHands love your stuff (actually everyone’s is just amazing) and checked your website and it was awesome as expected. If you use Line I would love to connect as I share your stuff very often to my alliance chat and my leadership chat.


Nice work people.

20 rounds of appreciation

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