2020 MAY Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Atlantis & Valhalla) Tentative

May Calendar of Events, includes continuing dates for Path of Valor II, Atlantis, Fables of Grimforest, Updated Costume Event, Tavern of Legends, Valhalla and weekly trials. Also includes tentative Rare Quest Dates.

The new month’s calendars will be released the 27th day of each month.

As always, RARE QUESTS appear every 7-10 days more or less. Possible dates are listed and may be subject to change. Any revisions will be noted and a revision date will be indicated on the calendar to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Don’t forget: NEW DIGITAL Empires and Puzzles Calendar of Events now accessible thru the web (Google Calendar & .iCal Formats)

Your comments, feedback and continued support are always appreciated. Thank you!


:small_orange_diamond:04/29/2020 Since Rare Quest: Frostmarch was released April 28th all Rare Quest Dates for May have been revised.
:small_orange_diamond:05/06/2020 Updated Rare Quest Dates.
:small_orange_diamond:05/15/2020 Travern of Legends has been added.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Make sure to check the thread’s replies for translated calendars!

Sneaky Moderator Edit - Additional Language Calendars:


Thank you as always @Novo & @zephyr1

We really should have this presidential ellection :thinking:

:one: Vote 1 NθVθ for president!


2 votes NOVO for president.


300 votes NOVO!


What a bummer, the month with a great HOTM is also the month without any seasonal events.

YES ! 20 caractères supp


Here here! @Novo for president!


Since there’s 8 months without seasonal events, it’s not exactly uncommon!

Although now you have me wondering…

Well, that’s true but when you have seasonal events in April and June, it gives a different perspective. Anyway Clarissa has been nerfed so I am not as eager for pulls in May as I was before.

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Novo for President!!!


hey yall just had a quick question…been playing for awhile and have some decent heroes but I’ve been saving for a big pull…I’ve saved enough gems to go for a 30 pull but can’t decide if it’d be better to go for a Valhalla pull or if Atlantis in early May would be better…I did get lucky with some Valhalla coins and pulled Norns…anyway I’m kinda leaning pulling for Atlantis…not sure too many of the Valhalla 5*'s are as good…any opinions??

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Best heroes are at Atlantis- kageburado, ariel, ursena, tarlak etc plus in may grave is featured
And clarissa so yeah this is your chance, i saved mysely for 55 pulls for atlantis


yeah that’s what I was thinking and thx for the reply…uve helped make up my mind…its so hard to resist pulling but happy that I did…definitely looking forward to May!!

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Added the image copy of the calendar for May. Enjoy! :smiley: :hugs:


Dear Novo,

Thanks for your great effort. I prepared the same May’s calendar for my Arabic colleagues, and would like to share it with you here guys:

Best regards,


Thank you @Novo.

Voici le calendrier français. Je mettrai à jour toutes les modifications apportées aux dates de l’événement ainsi que les traductions des quêtes rares si nécessaire afin que vous obteniez les informations les plus correctes. Faites-moi savoir s’il y a des erreurs et je les corrigerai.

Translation: Here is the French calendar. I will be updating any changes to event dates as well as translations of the rare quests as necessary so that you get the most correct info. Let me know if there are any errors and I will fix them.

Updated: May 28 (Baldur added as featured hero)


@ElThamer and @Zartanis
Wow, these look great! I strongly encourage you both and for anyone else reading this that also translates the calendar to their language to continue to do so. As it will benefit all players across nations and around the world. :world_map: :heart: Empires, Puzzles and Calendars for everyone!


@Novo Thank you for your time and hard work! :hugs:


Wow, I really like this visually styled calendar. Very nice! English version?

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