2021 February Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Ninja Tower, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, & Mythic Titans) Tentative

Here is the Tentative February 2021 Calendar of Events in multiple formats, including the quick reference

Many thanks to the collaborators for their time and efforts…

Guvnor, littleKAF, zephyr1, Markpessan, Zartanis, VEIVE, VeryQuietly, christie, birksg, ElThamer, ratabboypda, KahlanAmnell, & W01fheart

If you notice any errors please let us know so we can get updated versions posted.

As with all EnP calendars, dates are tentative and may be changed (notably the rare quests which occur every 7-11 days, so calendar placement may be off slightly).


English Text Calendar by @Archaeo80 ...

Credit Archaeo80

Spanish Calendar by @ratabboypda ...

Credit: ratabboypda

French With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English Text B&W Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

Italian Calendar by @VEIVE ...

Credit: VEIVE

Japanese Calendar by @birksg ...

Credit: birksg

Portuguese Calendar by @Kiiro ...

Credit: Kiiro

Chinese Calendar by @christie ...

Credit: christie

Arabic Calendar by @ElThamer ...

Credit: ElThamer

Arabic List Calendar by @ElThamer ...

Credit: ElThamer

Brazilian Infographic Calendar by @Markpessan ...

Credit markpessan

Russian Calendar by @W01fheart ...

Credit W01fheart

Monthly Quick Reference by @VeryQuietly ...

Credit: @VeryQuietly

Event Schedule Changes (Version 30 Onwards)

NEW DIGITAL Empires and Puzzles Calendar of Events now accessible thru the web (Google Calendar & .iCal Formats)


Thanks, @Archaeo80 and @Zartanis and to all the rest of our calendar boys and girls.


So Tyr will be featured during this Valhalla event ? Is it sure, or pure speculation ?

For February Valhalla, it’s just a prediction I guess. We will know when the day comes.


A guess based on who has yet to be featured.

There were a handful of 5s that were released the first month of Valhalla that have yet to be featured, so it is speculated that they will be the next featured.


Very sad.

Two rare quests interfering with AR and Wonderland farming…

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but of course those could shift by a few days, so fingers crossed :smile:

I don’t think so.

By what I’ve seen so far from December since, it’s obvious that whatever schedule rare quests were on is now changed to be exactly 9 days one after another. Which is nice since this makes them predictable, but is also bad when they clash with a farming event. Why couldn’t they clash with Ninja Tower or Masquerade, or Mythic titan for example.

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Thx! Checked this morning for this calender, thus nice timing. Well done :+1:

Thank you for calendar. Just one question. Does anybody has any information about season 4?

Calendário em português


Gracias, @ratabboypda por la versión en español and the rest for the effort.

Regarding the calendar in general, there’s a big gap at the beggining and between Atlantis and Wonderland and then all the events day by day. :dizzy_face:

The mythic titan could be moved to the first gap, Wonderland could start on Tuesday and put a day of difference between events so as to have a rest. :man_shrugging:t4:

Thanks! I’ve added yours to the top post. :grinning:

@Zartanis About English Calendar: 10 February should be Trials of Decimation, you have doubled Trials of Nature. Wonderful job as always by the way. Cheers


Waiting for the 6th tonic :slight_smile:

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@ColdHands, thank you for the catch and compliments! I will have it updated later this afternoon.

Here’s my monthly “Thank You” to all those working hard to bring us this calendar.

:tips glass:


Thank you very much man…

De nuevo muchísimas gracias a los que os tomais el trabajo de hacer los calendarios . Sois un amor :slight_smile:

Will January Valhalla spill over to Feb 1? I like the look of Uraeus so would hold off spending my gems / valhalla coins if so

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