2020 DECEMBER Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Ninja Tower, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, & Santa’s Challenge) Tentative

Here is the Tentative December 2020 Calendar of Events in multiple formats, including the quick reference

Many thanks to the collaborators for their time and efforts…

Guvnor, littleKAF, zephyr1, Markpessan, Zartanis, VEIVE, VeryQuietly, christie, birksg, ElThamer, and KahlanAmnell

If you notice any errors please let us know so we can get updated versions posted.

As with all EnP calendars, dates are tentative and may be changed (notably the rare quests which occur every 7-11 days, so calendar placement may be off slightly).


English Text Calendar by @Archaeo80 ...

Credit Archaeo80

Japanese Calendar by @birksg ...

Credit: birksg

Arabic Calendar by @ElThamer ...

Credit: ElThamer

Arabic List Calendar by @ElThamer ...

Credit: ElThamer

French With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English Text B&W Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

Chinese Calendar by @christie ...

Credit: christie

Italian Calendar in Blue by @VEIVE ...

Credit: VEIVE

Italian Calendar in Green by @VEIVE ...

Credit: VEIVE

Brazilian Infographic Calendar by @Markpessan ...

Credit markpessan


Polish Calendar by @ColdHands

Credit ColdHands

English Calendar by @ColdHands

Credit ColdHands

Russian Calendar by @ArktikaTF

Credit ArktikaTF


Spanish Calendar by @ratabboypda

Credit ratabboypda

Monthly Quick Reference by @VeryQuietly ...

Credit: @VeryQuietly

Click HERE for mostly useless information

Fun fact: 2020 has been the longest year this decade…and it is almost over.

Event Schedule Changes (Version 30 Onwards)

NEW DIGITAL Empires and Puzzles Calendar of Events now accessible thru the web (Google Calendar & .iCal Formats)


Just have to say, I love the candy cane striping on the calendar!


Bravo! Always a good day when the new calendar comes out. Your hard work is appreciated!


Thank you for all, specially for my italian love @VEIVE :black_heart:


These are all wonderful! Thanx for all the work you put in. :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing, though, who are the featured heros during Atlantis? Inquiring minds wish to know. :joy:

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If I’m not wrong it should be Ariel, Mok-arr, Vela and Onatel.


@Gwi is correct…also it is in the bottom left pane of my calendar. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks @Gwi and @Archaeo80 . I didn’t notice it at the bottom of your calendar. ‘Course it was 4:30 in the morning (that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it). :joy:


Friends, thank you all for your efforts! And this is my calendar, which I made for Russian-speaking players )))

There is also a video version with details.

Many thanks to @cap for the Santa’s challenge table that I used in my video! :kissing_heart: Many thanks to @Guvnor for information about the updated event. :kissing_heart:


Polska wersja kalendarza:

English version:

Last update: 30.11.2020 rare quests dates


@ArktikaTF; if you have Line hit me up at Guvnor81. There is a Calendar Collaboration group that we have

Same for you @ColdHands

The calendars can then be included in the OP from the outset :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this guys :slight_smile:

thanks for info about dates

First thanks now people I don’t know how those collaboration was born but we are many tmb who here in the forum help and we are Spanish-speaking, the third most spoken language in the world and the translation is not there personally I translate and do a lot of the game material in Spanish only for my part to take into account for the next collaboration please. It will take more Latin Spanish-speaking beta (South Americans)
ps: I’m the one who made the guide for map 1 in Spanish
map 2 in spanish english
a sample of my work https://ratabboy.com.ar/analisis

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very good design unbelievable I returned to my childhood :innocent:. I don’t understand any Russian but I already subscribed to your channel, greetings


Are you asking to be involved with the calendar collaboration stuff?

As I said above, there is a chat we have for the content creators (ONLY).

I my happy part I have no problem YES please

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Where is spanish calendar?

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Here look up now you have

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