Mono teams and random tile falls

I’m curious, since you have made the defending team on raids and wars stronger defense and attack. Plus on mono teams you have taken away fair and consistent tiles falls. What would you suggest, for a person such as I, who have been playing this game for a long time, and spent lots of money, Just to be competitive . And now, are no longer competitive, would you suggest to become competitive again. Or should I just close up shop and call it a day?


If you open and close the app 3 times and then set your team 1 with all unleveled 2* heroes for 5 minutes, and then reset the app again, change that team to the team you want to use for your war hit and then reset the app again, when you go to do your next war hit the tiles will fall properly. 33% of the time it works 100% of the time.


Oh and you want to rename your five teams so that it says “I love you S G” and then you will be granted 1 diamond per starting board guaranteed.

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Not to be sensical, but is that for real or are you just pulling my leg?

Try it. You have nothing to lose!

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Right…well thanks for playing

You can get a really nice cascade if you match tiles and attack in this order:

swipe Up to match 3; swipe Up to match 3; swipe Down to match 3; swipe Down to match 3; swipe Left to match 3; swipe Right to match 3; swipe Left to match 3; swipe Right to match 3; match Blue tiles; Attack with special; Select tank; Start cascade.

So up up down down left right left right B A Select Start

Works every time.


SWEG is pulling more than your leg here…

Though to answer your original question. It is obvious. You have to spend more.

Game relies on your, and others, brains to make the collective conclusion that spending more money is the way to go - as a way to protect your investment, rather than letting it go and quitting.

As a cow you have let yourself be milked. Question is, will you do so again?


Hi @Seahks123

The only way to remain consistently competitive at the top is to play for hours and keep spending some serious money.

There are lots of us who feel like we’ve hit a wall at various times - I would advise anyone who’s struggling with the time and effort to take a break, even for a few days, and see how you feel.

Can you come back re-energised and look forward to seeing your alliance again?

Or do you realize you can do without the game?

It might be that a change of alliance freshens things up, too, even if you have made good friends.

I know it can feel like this, but I absolutely believe that this is a myth :slightly_smiling_face:

Try to screenshot your good boards, as well as the bad and you’ll see they even out


Have you collected any data for your theory?


I have been playing 2 yrs plus and I have never ever seen boards start as such…you are very lucky…congrats

Really? Try it for a week and come back to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Like I said, try taking a few screenshots of good boards


Here is a sample how to save bad board:

Oops,… I mean this:

How to Save a Bad Board


So I ended up with this board in AW. Should I be complaining about the lack of blue gems?

I can’t decide if this should be here or in RCT :smile:

Too bad that wasn’t a starting board — let slip the dogs of war.
Lately, I’ve noticed a bunch of extremes in replacement tiles, both ones in my colors and ones against. But that’s bound to happen when spending one or two world energy per hit while deliberately trying to make combos and diamonds irrespective of color against enemies that don’t hit back.

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What needs to be realized in that board is that all my blue heroes are fully charged and ready to fire. The board ended up as shown after the previous move created a diamond in blue, then triggered that diamond, then cascaded 2/3 of the board away killing three opponents. It started though not a lot better than what you see here. I think there were four blue gems to start. It was a long slow buildup to a sudden fast ending.

Mono works fine and tile falls haven’t changed


As I’ve said on other threads, when you make a match-3 playing mono the replacement tiles will on average be 20% the colour you want. That is 80% not the colour you want.

If you are matching your colour you will on average end up with 2 or 3 less tiles of your colour.


Good respose… to bad it’s not true

Ya not buying…but thank you

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