Need some help on my raid team

Hello guys
I recently joined diamond and Im having troubles staying in.
I got great heroes but I feel like Im missing something. Im trying to play rainbow in attack too but its super frustrating.

Lineup :slight_smile:

Alberich-Kage or rabbit- BK(he gets the emblems so Kage dies too fast…) - Kingston-Alice

Even with these snipers I lack damage and by the time I hit them they got all their specials.

BK is insane but still, I need to use red tiles that deal no damage and give them their specials…

I dont know what to change

Other heroes I have
3/70 Level
Boss Wolf
Lady of the Lake

Then some great level zero heroes
The squirrel

What would you guys do?
Im out of telescopes for now. And 4 tonics.

What would you change? Where am I making a mistake?

Are we discussing your attack or defence?

Or are you using the same team for both?

Your defence team options could be enough for diamond, but only coupled with regular successful raiding.


First of all, stack those colors. raiding rainbow can be a real challenge IMHO. I recommend 3/2 stacked to the tank and strogerst flank in most cases. There are many exceptions to the rule, but this is a good guideline.


I too was struggling to stay in diamond, then I started only using mono, with the occaisional 3-2 stack. I now regularly stay in mid-high diamond (25-2700) using these tactics–

  • Mono rules! My mono teams are all around 38-4000, and regularly take down 44-4700 teams.

  • Never attack unless you will win at least 40 cups. You will make up the reroll costs with the food you win.

  • Rematch twice if you lose. If you lose the first and/or second match, the cups you could win goes up. You lose the first two and only lost 30 cups, then win the third and win 45-50, you’re cups will go up.

That’s is. Switching to a mono strategy has been eye-opening. I regularly hit the top 50, without using any flasks, just from normal raiding.

Give it a try. It took me a while to “master” it, but it is totally worth it!


First, know that it’s very common to be in and out of a new level for weeks or months before you’re stable.
I was flirting with diamond for about a month, quietly building troops. You’ll get there.

Rainbow offense is not ideal. Check YouTube for NittanyLionRoar’s tutorial on raiding. He gives a great intro to your options 3-2, 4-1 and mono.


Congrats on BK - he’s awesome on attack and defence.

On attack, stack him with Wilbur. Poke enemies into firing and then fire your damage dealers with +105/125/145% attack.
If you can add G.Falcon and some AoE then you have the makings of a brutal red stack.
(I’ve run into top ten several times running primarily a red mono with just under 4000TP: Wilbur+19, BK+8, Falcon+18, G.Kong+2, JF 3.70… this team has serious synergy as an attacking unit and JF gets the next set of rings without question).

Running stacks in attack works much better… Stacking with some 4* with the right functions will punch above its weight, moreso than a higher TP 5* rainbow attack.

A hint on BK…
BK plays best with multi-hit hero’s - both on attack (with Wilbur to spread damage and bulk up the beserk) and on defence.
My defence holds more cups with Isarnia as the blue flank than with Alice - Alice is in general terms a more versatile hero and more reliably useful… But BK boost becomes overkill damage on snipers and that’s “waste”, whereas with AoE hitters that boosted damage becomes a nuke and wipes out hero’s that are even slightly damaged.

The key to surviving in diamond is to win your raids and build a defence that punishes bad boards… Sounds simple, but it all comes down to building your team’s and choosing the teams that you can attack (look for weaknesses you can exploit, my favourite is “too much passive”, not enough threats to punish bad boards).


This deserves to be read twice… Maybe thrice.

It took me about a month to establish myself regularly in diamond.

To begin with I was edging into diamond to open the chest and then getting swatted back down once offline…
Then getting further into diamond and always opening the chest before getting knocked back again.
Then sometimes managing to stay in and sometimes not.
Then only rarely getting knocked down.
And now only getting knocked down if I decide to be a bit playful with my attacking teams (sometimes do this to test combinations whilst tournaments are on so I can still fill my chests).

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Thanks for the replies. I saw my friend being rainbow in offence and wanted to try. Usually I was stacking, will do it again
My troops are almost level one, I just started working on them! Cost so much ham jesus.

Perhaps I could change rabbit wit Poseidon? Or Onatel? Idk.
I dont think I got good Aoe heroes to go with BK

Should I consider Heimdall and Fenrir? Im out of telescopes tho and Fenrir is a fighter. Like kingston

White Rabbit hits 3, Poseidon hits one… For a BK defence I’d favour the Bunny (I do, he’s on my defence).

Agree 100% with stacking for attacking. Rainbow for defense.

I favour 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 stacks for raiding as I often get rubbish boards for a 3-2 stack.

Reading between the lines, it also sounds like you should find an alliance with helpful and experienced players - we have these discussions all the time in my alliance. There are so many pitfalls new players can avoid by being amongst knowledgeable players. Check out Alliance Recruitment - there are many!

Apologies if you are in a helpful alliance :confounded:.

Speaking of getting knocked down, when I went to #1 (using two flasks) I woke up to -809 trophies. That was funny. :crazy_face:

My alliance is fine but its maybe a bit too chill
Anyway, you guys really like rabbit? I like him on titans but I find his damage super low

Yes, he’s an excellent hero.