I wanna to ask all of u some question

What’s the difference between 221 311 32 41 50 team?
How to match heroes to win more (about war)?

I use 41 team always, Rarely used 50.
The board is not friendly to me when I am using 41.
Sometimes I saw someone made 6 tiles kill the tank with 32 team, And I cannot do this with my 41 team(4 5* heroes ,1 4* hero) ,Why???

So concerning team configuration there have been some good discussion threads about whether mono (5 same element heroes) is the best manner of raid configuration.

The reason certain configurations may kill the tank quicker despite being 3-2 instead of your 4-1 is probably because the 3 heroes are probably high attack heroes while even though you have 4 heroes if they are defensively oriented they won’t do as much damage with tiles.


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