How to Save a Bad Board

Hey everyone! I hear a lot of people talk about bad boards and luck…but there are ways to save a bad board. Here’s a quick video where I show you…


Heres how I deal with a bad board…


lmao…ka kaka. thank you just made my day :rofl:


Indeed funny, Klin :smiley:

Hey Nittany, love the vids you’ve put out on your channel. Thankful for you and Anchor’s work that you put in.


So… Does this strategy work for Alliance Wars too? :thinking: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Didn’t expect this :rofl: :rofl:

But serious now… Moving the purple down on the right side would result in combos in the middle… and who knows… perhaps more yellows would have come.


I usually try to salvage a bad board if I can, but it’s not always possible when the opponent is killing my heroes faster than I can charge anything. :confused: I like KLin’s idea :grin:

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But then that would have ruined the joke. :sweat_smile:


Amen to that :rofl: :rofl:

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@KLinMayhem you made my day! Thanks you for Ur clever advice!


color stacking works well in war too… but you have to have many heroes of the same color specially if you opponent have uni color tank.

Great instructional video @NittanyLionRoar. I appreciate you posting and will be sharing with my fellow alliance mates.


@KLinMayhem I hate that I missed this post. I could’ve l’edmao 3 days ago!! Better late than never. Thank you friend.


Great video, and good advice. I am torn on whether I think it’s the right move to take the 20% chance for a diamond versus taking a larger combo in the middle of the board.

Bad opening boards don’t frustrate me anyway. But when I launch off 2-3 diamonds and STILL don’t have my stacked color… I start looking for that flee button :stuck_out_tongue: THAT is a bad board :stuck_out_tongue:

Glowing endorsement for your overall idea of ‘clear as many tiles as you can, as fast as you can!’

Curious to see what other people think on that 20% thing.

(Dropping at least 5 tiles into Elky isn’t great. That’s maybe part of the calculus here. But 3 of em are red so 2 more is dead Elky… hmmm)

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Part of this has to do with Elk’s special…since he heals himself, then doing only some tile damage will likely be wiped out when he goes off and if that clears the board of those red tiles, it could be a while before I get enough to make a match again. So instead, I’m not focused on killing Elk quickly but setting up a board that will charge all of my red heroes at the same time.


I wondered that too. I think I favor the move as is in the video because even when the diamond doesn’t get set up you can send three horizontal red tiles into Elk on the next move if that seems the best thing.



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Thank you @NittanyLionRoar

Q: How to save a bad board?
A: For later…

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