Should I do my war hits differently or am i doing it right?

Hey guys I’m back. Just uploaded a video to YouTube on how I do my war hits. Like what heroes I use and what not. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hmm, why so many Ex-member opponents? Makes your alliance’s job easier.

Were those the strongest opponent teams? You look like you should be targeting stronger ones by the results. A ~2500TP 4stack should be able to take on a ~2800+ opponent. Also, a 4stack yellow against a yellow tank is odd without multiple purples on the opponent team.

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First thing I noticed is how quick you made your first move. You get ten min take your time. You had a move that would of set up a yellow diamond for your second move. Look over the board befor you atk try and see how the tiles will adjust after a move to optimize your flag. Try to look 2-3 move ahead


I’d have chosen different roster saing some yellows for further matches. You can try mixing weaker champs with stronger and keeping damage.

As said. 4 weak vs the tank could have put you in serious troubles if running out of yellows.


Thanks for the advice will make sure to try those thing next time. And also I didn’t hit high teams because we were definitely going to win because of all the ex members they could only use 24 flags in all

Like mentioned above, slow down. This was my biggest fault when I started raiding. I played Like was running the map, missed making dragons and diamonds like crazy. Also with my fat thumb I was moving the tile the wrong way only because I was in a hurry.

Once I slowed down I began to actually SEE the board and began to look forward a few moves. It’s a hard thing to force yourself to do at first, at least it was for me. But eventually it becomes 2nd nature.

Good Luck!!

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