🏜️ Missions – Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

This thread is for tracking and discussion of the Season 5 Missions.

Log of Missions

Overall S5 Mission: Solve the Mystery of the Dunes

Note: image is just “easy” completion. A second mission will unlock on its fulfillment for the “hard mode”.

Minion/ Mob Avatar Missions

1 - 250x Ibises

2 - 300x Jackal Warriors

3 - 400x Cryptic Tetrahedrons

4 - 450x Canopic Jars

5 - 550x Wandering Mummies

6 - 600x Desert Acolytes

7 - 700x Hyenas

8 - 800x Crocodiles

9 - 850x Sand Golems

Boss Avatar Missions

1 - 30x Furious Hippopotamuses

2 - 40x Camel Rider Lancers

3 - 50x Majestic Ammits

4 - 60x Corrupt Undead Maus

5 - 70x Omniousus Scarabs

6 - 75x Nightfall Saraps

7 - 85x Provoked Apeps

8 - 95x Raging Undead Maus

9 - 105x - Angered Apises

Amulet Missions

1- 65x Ankh Amulet

2 - 80x Was Sceptre

3 - 100x Tjet Amulet

4 - 110x Udjet Eye Amulet

5 - 125x Shen Amulet

6 - 145x Scarab Amulet

7 - 160x Djed Amulet

8 - 180x Crystal Benben

Note: with amulet missions, it doesn’t matter what stage you complete in S5, just has to be with the specified amulet equipped.

Guide to Stages for Avatar Missions

Guide by @Zartanis

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Sorry @PlayForFun i don’t plan this time doing the avatars chart , but rhe farming S5 map is done instead


Ok, I understand.
I have removed your name from the OP.

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this might need to be added to

edit: it is already

From the looks of it, we’ll be getting more levels of missions as well.

First missions seem tot be shorter than S3 of S4 first missions. Alsof it looks like there’s 9 amulets available, so 9 levels of missions?

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@PlayForFun I know Kiiro is no longer playing the game. You’ll have my guide a bit later on today, however.


Ok, thx for the information and for your work :slight_smile:


Ok as promised @PlayForFun, here is the guide.

I’ve added the amulets info as well as the special stages info as these might present themselves as a POV daily task to complete. Let me know if there are any errors. Thanks.


Thx, I have added it to the OP.


2nd Amulet mission is to complete 80 stages with Scepter.


Added base quest images to OP :slight_smile:


Thx @Guvnor and also thx for adding the Storyline images too.
I wanted to add them later today, but now I do not have to do it :slight_smile:


bah! wish i had seen this before ploughing through Season 5.

I’ve completed Levels 1-3 on easy and Hard but was doing them all using the Was Scepter! should have been using the Ankh to get that first Challenge done!


I feel your pain… efficient mission accomplishment is necessary but can be tough to do while progressing through stages fast.

I was also thinking at first, oh when two amulet slots are unlocked I can work on two amulet missions at a time… then realised only one mission is unlocked at a time, so that won’t work either. Ugh

Looks like province 1 stage 1 is the best for ibises and hippos - they both appear, and two guaranteed Ibises in boss stage. Other stages have two different hippo bosses in boss stage


Based on my own runs here’s my recommendation for the first set of missions:

  • Finish easy & Hard, equipping the Ankh amulet once unlocked.
  • Farm 1-1N for Ibis’ and Furious Hippos.
    • Should be close to 30-35 of the 50 hippos by this stage.
    • 5-1-1N is 4 waves with 2 guaranteed Ibis’ in the boss wave.
  • After finishing Ankh Amulet, change to the Was Sceptre amulet and carry on farming the Ibis’

Is there a link where I can follow the Update of the missions charts @Zartanis ?

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Ankhs and what not - I have no idea what you are talking about :sweat_smile:, but thank you for sharing it; once I reach this Season I will feel better prepared to play it right :100:

I really hope that pyramid enemy will be an avatar.

This thread gets updated with each of his new graphics on the missions.

There’s a similar thread out there for S4 and S3.

Or you can go direct to Zartanis’ master thread: {Master - Zartanis' Guides} Building, Crafting, Event, Talent Grid Guides, etc