🏜️ Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes) – FAQ & Links

:spiral_calendar: Season 5 Schedule

Season 5 is set to premiere in April 2022: 2022-04-21T07:00:00Z β†’ 2022-04-25T07:00:00Z

From that point it is set to recur every 4 weeks, based on this thread: Event Cadence Update & Calendar of Events for April 2022

:question: FAQ

Amulets ?

These are special items, which you can get during your progress in Season V map and they can help you during you further progress. You can read more here:

If you have any questions, please submit them below.

:hammer: Dunes Coins


The first time a Stage is completed, a reward is given in Dunes Coins β€” which are just like Atlantis/ Valhalla/Underwild Coins, but for Season 5.

Just the same as Season 2 & 3 & 4, Normal Mode Stages reward 3 Dunes Coins, and Hard Mode Stages reward 5 Dunes Coins β€” and there are 10 Stages per Province, so it’ll be the same 80 Coins per Province that Season 2 & 3 & 4 had.

Also like Atlantis/ Valhalla/Underwild Coins, 100 Dunes Coins are required for a free Dunes Summon.

:mount_fuji: Stage Properties

In Season 5 there are Stage Properties which applies to every second stage in Season 5 Map (so far).*

All enemies has got various passive abilities, which is specific to that enemy, and on a Stage or even a Wave there can be different enemies, which has got different passives.
The stage status effects are given every 5 turns to your heroes.

Stage effects are just like normal Status Effects which are mosly dispellable or cleansab;e. So they can be blocked by an Ailment Blocker (e.g. Grazul, Garnet or Vanda) and can be dispensed of by a cleanser (e.g. Rigard or Ariel).

Click for Summary/ Distribution of Biomes

Biome Effects

Biome Provinces Effect
The Iteru River S5 1-3 The battle takes place near the Iteru River. Here all enemies periodically regenerate boosted health in exchange for slighty lowered defenses.
The Iteru River effects are applied every 5 turns.
- All enemies regenerate 575 boosted health over 5 turns. Boosted health can exceed max HP. This effect can’t be dispelled.
- All enemies get -10% defense for 5 turns.
Tempestuous Sandstorm S5 4-6 This battle takes place in a Tempestuous Sandstorm.
- All Heroes receive damage every 3 turns.
- Troop deals -50% less damage.
Kemythian City S5 7-9 This battle takes place near a Kemythian City. Being in the proximity of a city has caused all enemies to become Hyperactive ! Hyperactive enemies have improved mana generation but their accuracy is impaired.

- All enemies have 25% mana generation.

- All enemies have -10% accuracy.

-Enemies lose an additional -10% accuaracy when inflicted with an accuracy ailment.
Cursed Tombs S5 10-12 This battle takes place in Cursed Tombs. Here mana is scare, but Troops deal more damage.

- Mana Speed is set to Very Slow for all Heroes and enemies.

- Troops deal +50% more damage.
Order of the Pharaoh S5 13-15 The battle is affected by the Order of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh has ordered all Heroes to take damage and to have lower defenses.

- All Heroes must take damage every 5 turns.

All Heroes must receive the following status ailment every 5 turns:

- All Heroes get -20% defense for 5 turns.
Barrier of the Pharaoh S5 16-18 This battle take place under the Barrier of the Pharaoh where enemies gain defense against Special Skills!

All enemies receive the following buff every 5 turns:

- All enemies get +60% defense against Special Skills for 5 turns.
Solar Flare S5 19 An anomally in the Sun grants enemies some abilitiies of the Sun family.
- Each enemy has a chance to perform the following actions when they cast their Special Skill:
- Deals 70% damage to all Heroes.
- All Heroes get -34% attack for 3 turns.
Solar Flare S5 20? An anomally in the Sun grants enemies some abilitiies of the Sun family.
- Each enemy has a chance to perform the following actions when they cast their Special Skill:
- Deals 70% damage to all Heroes.
- All Heroes receive Sand damage over 3 turns.
Solar Flare S5 21? An anomally in the Sun grants enemies some abilitiies of the Sun family.
- Each enemy has a chance to perform the following actions when they cast their Special Skill:
- Boosts health to all enemies by 10%. Boosted health can exceed max HP.
- Cleanses the latest cleansable status ailments from all enemies.
Desert madness S5 22? Life in unforgiving desert has made the enemies in this area hinged. Casting their Special Skills send them into an uncontrolled rage, giving them the following stauts effect:
- +31% attack and a further 20% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns.
Dense Fog S5 23? This batttles takes place in a Dense Fog.
Mana generation is slower than usuan and all Special Skill attack have a chance to miss.

Province & Biome List

NOTE: There are 10 Stages in Province 1, just like there are in each of the Season 2 & 3 & 4 Provinces; if not the case this will be updated.

Stage Effect Number Province Name
The Iteru River 1 Enter Kemyth
The Iteru River 2 The Port
The Iteru River 3 Lush Island
Tempestuous Sandstorm 4 Preciptous Peaks
Tempestuous Sandstorm 5 The Sandstream
Tempestuous Sandstorm 6 Ravine of Wind
Kemythian City 7 Caiza Outpost
Kemythian City 8 Tanat Farmlands
Kemythian City 9 Tanat
Cursed Tombs 10 Kemythian Detour
Cursed Tombs 11 Tombs of Dispair
Cursed Tombs 12 Tombs of ope
Order of the Pharaoh 13 Greener Pastures
Order of the Pharaoh 14 Forest of the Pharaoh
Order of the Pharaoh 15 Savanna of the haraoh
Barrier of the Pharaoh 16 Pyramids of the Pharaoh
Barrier of the Pharaoh 17 Caiza
Barrier of the Pharaoh 18 Caiza Farmlands
? 19 Falcon Ridge
? 20 Sunrise Cape
? 21 Sunrise Falls
? 22 Silent Dunes
? 23 Oasis
? 24 Pools of the Pharaoh
? 25 Ascent of Assassins
? 26 Peak of Assassins
? 27 Secret Forest
? 28 Forlorn Vallery
? 29 Forlorn Massif
? 30 Forlorn Hlllow
? 31 Deathless Dunes
? 32 Tombs of Devestation
? 33 Secluded Pyramid
? 34 ?
? 35 ?
? 36 ?

:link: Links

Gameplay Strategy & Storyline

Summoning & Offers

:superhero: :woman_superhero: Heroes

There are two different families: Sun and Moon.
I have added the indication of the familiy to the hero topics titles too.




Beta Information

Announcements & Discussion


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Awesome job as always @PlayForFun


thanks @PlayForFun ! always appreciate your hard work

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Is β€œDynasty of Dunes” the official SGG name for season 5? When you enter the map you get a blurb about Kemyth, the Dominion of Eternal Dunes. Just wondering.

One of the people in my alliance can’t access Season 5.

They’ve told us they haven’t even started Season 4 (we were shocked, he’s level 85).

Does anybody know if that’s the reason why? Do they need to finish Season 4 on normal before Season 5 opens up for them?

Season 5 will unlock once players will reach Season 4 Province 5, SG announced in the sneak peak 2022.


Thanks for the info!! :heart:

These heroes look so goood ahhhh. I want those birds!

Hi. How i can unlock season 5? Right now i’m at season 4 province 2. Thx :slight_smile:

As I recall you need to reach Season 4 province 5 in order to unlock Season 5.

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Thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:

This is my first month with the season five map unlocked… Is there no discount during the Dynasty of Dunes event like there is for Valhalla/Atlantis/Underwild? Or is there a glitch today?

Discounts are only after the season is finished and there is a monthly recurring of past seasons.

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Aha! So basically there’s no incentive to play Season 5 during the event unless you are in the mood? No special enemies that drop extra coins either, it seems? The only highlight is the portal being open?

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Yes, it is how it works. Also, SG unlocks only 3 provinces at once, but as you just started you probably will not reach the end of the current unlocked provinces (Province 18).


Thank you, love the heroes, but I get so many Dune tokens from other parts of the game… and as a beginner, my WE maximum is so low… I’ll probably just play when I have extra WE to burn off after completing all the special quests/monster chests/etc.

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