Building, Crafting, Event, Talent Grid Guides, etc

Just sharing the guides that I have enjoyed laying out during the year that I have been playing. Hopefully they are helpful to the community as well.

Let me know if you see any errors and I will update the graphics. I have tried to make sure that the information contained therein is not only correct but accurate. Your help is appreciated if any errors are found.

Here are most of the buildings (upgrades, crafting, etc., still working on others, ie Hero Academy and Lab) set at 50% previews:

Talent Grids:

Events (Challenge, Seasonal (working on new Sand Empire), Tavern):

HOTM in order of release:

Atlantis Items (Similar Valhalla Items will be forthcoming):


awesome, thank you!!!


Nice job !
Did you know that this information already exists either in Excel file or with infographic? you must have spent a lot of time recompiling everything :astonished:


Oh yes I did know, but I wanted to do my own version. I appreciate the different versions here by other great community members.


Excellent work.-

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Awesome job thank you! Do you also get this for alchemy lab?

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Thank you! Yes I will be doing one for the updated Hero Academy as well as the Alchemy Lab. I will post when they are ready.


Great! Love it! Thanks.

Edit: @Zartanis IIRC adv house available at SH21, not SH23

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Great work. I love this and your calendars! Very clear information and visually appealing. One thing I did notice is you’ve got a “Scroll of Altercation” in there. Interesting idea :thinking:

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Thank you @greybat. I will update it soon.

Thank you, very much appreciated!

Good stuff.

FYI, I noticed that your TC costs are wrong for Lvl1:

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Ah yes, thank you for catching it @DGERic.

Both the houses and training camp: heroes graphics have been updated. Just got a little ahead of myself it seems on the training camp one; thanks for catching those errors!

Double lv 14-21 at stronghold, or perhaps you did it on purpose. Besides, lv 15 unlock additional mine.

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Thank you, I just grabbed the wrong graphic when I originally uploaded. Correct one should be there now.

Sand Empire Guide added.

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