🕵 Missions – Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild)

This thread is for tracking and discussion of the Season 4 Missions.

Log of Missions

Minion/ Mob Avatar Missions

1 - 400x Savage Morlocks

2 - 650x Sharkstomps

3- ???

Boss Avatar Missions

1 - 50x Cyclops Maulers

2 - 80x Spretrolls

3 - ???

Biome Missions

1- 80x Sandy Caves Stages

2 - 100x Fungal Caves Stages

Avatar Guides to be added when developped

Guide to Stages for Avatar Missions, courtesy of @cap

tap to view full image, the bottom may appear cropped off in the preview below

Alternate guide by @Kiiro

Update: 16 Aug, 2021

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I guess there aren’t any special levels so the mission is just doing 80 levels, should be easy to do while cleaning up the avatar ones.

I’m planning to just play through normal and hard then see how much there is to go. Possibly by then some smart people will have worked out which level is optimal

I’m very glad to be starting these from the get go, as opposed to always being behind with S2 and S3, which I’m still wrapping up (on Alfheim Avatars) and will complete when the S4 missions have been caught up each month going forward.


It’s going to be a loooong journey.


I count 36 provinces, so it’s basically like Valhalla…

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Normal mode too easy?
If I compare Normal mode of S3 to S4 it is way too easy, feels like I am farming S1 8.7.


Not when you have 6 gems on the board unable to match them for ages. I know it’s only 35 damage per gem on normal but when multiple keep targeting one hero it soon adds up.

I noticed the Dust Bat missions drop a lot of the gems.

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Still the normal 36 levels. Same as S2 & 3. Guess they will open 3 levels a month.

S2 is 27 provinces. S3 was the first one worked out to one year release at 36 provinces.

Valhalla too started like this and to me it’s a good thing to not push map “difficulty” further.


1-4 seems to be the best option for Morlocks and Maulers together. Small sample, but I’ve been getting around 9 Morlocks per run. Also 14 total monsters, so decent for filling chests.


Try comparing it with 1-7. I focused there and I don’t know which is better.

I only did 1-7 a few times, but I was getting fewer Morlocks and total monsters there. Small sample though. I can’t remember if 1-7 has two Morlocks with the boss, but 1-4 definitely does.


Agreed those map stages are boring as hell why would any one would want them more difficult?

Me did 1/2, then 1/7. (Both norm).
Missions accomplished. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Looks like 1-7 is the best right now, it has 4 waves of enemies which means exactly that and both avatars missions and “special” level can be completed.

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I’ve been doing 1-4 and getting 6-8 Morlocks on average. It also has 4 waves like 1-7. I’m done with all the rest so just need those, does anyone have an idea what the average for them on 1-7 is?

I am alternating between 1-4 and 1-7… I “feel” that 1-4 has a slightly better average, but have no data to prove it :slight_smile:


Yeah that was my feeling after playing both that 1-4 was better but who knows lol

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1-4, 1-7, and 3-3 all have the same numbers of waves/mobs/morlocks. In the long run, each will average out to 7.25 morlocks per attempt. So do 1-7 while you still have the boss mission left to do, then move to 3-3 when it’s done.


What is the benefit to 3-3? Is the XP better being a later province?

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