Season V - “Dynasty of Dunes” Out Now! 🏜️

Season V is finally here!

Get ready for our fifth adventure into the great unknown — this time, we’re heading off to an ancient land full of dunes and pyramids to face off against an undying threat!


:star2: New Season V Heroes

  • Legendary
    • El Naddaha
    • Khafre
    • Khonshu
    • Papyros
    • Sobek
  • Epic
    • Ahhotep
    • Azmia
    • Junaid
    • Ptolemy
    • Scoratek
  • Rare
    • Aqeela
    • Faiez
    • Jarif
    • Rekhetre
    • Waqas
  • …and more to come!

:world_map: All-New Season V Map

Start making your way through the dunes! New Provinces will be unlocked each month. Access to Season V Provinces is granted at Season IV Province 5.

  • 3 new Stage Properties
    • Kemythian City
      • All enemies have +25% mana generation
      • All enemies have -10% accuracy
      • Accuracy debuffs decrease enemies’ accuracy by an additional -10%
    • Tempestuous Sandstorm
      • All Heroes receive damage every 3 turns
      • All enemies receive -50% damage from Troops (tiles)
    • The Iteru River
      • All enemies regenerate 575 boosted health over 5 turns
      • All enemies get -10% defense for 5 turns

:nazar_amulet: New Item: Amulets

Amulets can be equipped to grant your team unique beneficial effects in Season V battles! Amulets and Amulet Slots can be unlocked by completing Season V Provinces. Up to 3 Amulets can be equipped at once.

  • 4 new Amulets
    • Ankh
      • Hero receives a +10% health boost each time they cast a Special Skill
    • Tjet
      • All Heroes receive +5% mana every 3 turns
    • Udjat Eye
      • Stack (Max. 10): All enemies get -5% attack and -5% mana generation each time a Hero casts a Special Skill
    • Was Sceptre
      • All enemies take +80% more damage from Special Skills
  • …and more to come!

Please also note that once Season V launches, Dunes Coins will replace Underwild Coins in various sources of loot in the game.


  • First Season V Event: 2022-04-21T07:00:00Z2022-04-25T07:00:00Z
  • The Event will recoccur monthly as new Provinces & Heroes unlock!