🏜️ End of an Era (Part 4) -- Season 5 Completion Thread

We’re HERE!! We Solved {bludgeoned our way thru} the Dynasty of Dunes !!

How do I complete the mission to “Solve the Dynasty of Dunes ?”

There are two parts to this mission, the first is for finishing all 360 stages (10 per province) on Easy Mode. Then when this mission is complete, there is a replacement one which requires completing all 360 stages on Hard Mode.



There are two sets of rewards, one set for finishing each mission (easy & hard).

In addition to the shown rewards on the Mission Tab, there are a bunch of hidden Ascension Materials granted as rewards too.

You must complete ALL 360 stages on Easy & Hard mode to unlock the rewards.

Ascension Mats
Dunes Coins
Normal Compass, Hidden Blade, Sturdy Shield, Orb of Magic Warm Cape
Damascus Blade, Mysterious Tonic
300 - 2 Eset
Hard Fine Gloves, Trap Tools
Tome of Tactics, Mystic Rings, Farsight Telescope, Royal Tabard, Poison Darts
500 - 2 Anubis

Province 36, Stage 10 – Final Boss Information

Note, the below section contains SPOILERS. I have hidden it away but an extra warning.

Click for information on S5 P36-10 Final Boss Fight!! Contains Spoilers

The boss

As with season 2&3&4, the final stage you face off against the “Big Evil”, who in this case is Set


Stage Effects

There these stage effects:

  • Unique Boss:

    • This battle takes place against a Unique Boss.

      The Unique Boss heals itself and buffs are dispelled from the Heroes every 5 turns.

  • God’s Blessing: Kemythian Blast.

    • The Gods of Kemyth are giving you their aid in this battle !

    Match Power Shards and Dragon Blast to charge up Kemythian Blast, a devastating attack. Matching Power Shards is especially effective.

You can activate the attack once the progress bar is full.

Kemythian Blast:

  • Deals a massive amount of damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies get -30% defense foe 3 turns.

The Fight.

The fight itself is in 3 parts.

Part 1 is a normal map fight where you face off against normal Set, Tetisheri and Ahmose.

During this Fight Set’s ability matches with the hero card.

After defeating the 3 enemies it moves into a “titan style” fight where you face a mega Unleased Set.
Like with titan fights there is a “stun spot” which prevents the enemy from doing slash attacks or casting their special skill.

During this Fight Set’s ability (on Normal mode): (Darkness Unleashed)

  • Destroys all Minions for target.
  • Deals 200% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals 980 extra damage if the target has boosted health.
  • All enemies receive 336 Poision damage over 4 turns.
  • The caster gets +50% defense for 4 turns.
    Passive Skill: Effects on Special Skill
  • 60% chance to perform the following actinion when this charcter casts their Special Skill:
    • Deals 70% damage to all enemies.
    • All enemies get -24% mana generation for 3 turns.
      This character has in an innate resistance against status ailments that affect mana generation or prevent use of Special Skills.

Set’s HP on normal: 42160.

After defeating Unleashed Set he dies… Then comes back reborn as normal Set.

His skill is changes to “Last Effort” which does this:

  • Summons a Dark Soldier Minion for all allies with 20% HP and 10% atttack inherited from the caster.
  • All enemies receive 30 Poison damage over 2 turns.
    Passive Skill: Effects on Special Skill
  • 100% chance to perform the following actinion when this charcter casts their Special Skill:
    • Deals 70% damage to all enemies.
    • All enemies get -24% mana generation for 3 turns.

Set’s HP on normal: 13880.

Season 6…??

Based on the Sneak Peak there will not be Season 6 this year, and instead of it additonal advantures are arriving for Season 2:

Click for Sneak Peek

:speaking_head: Thoughts & Discussion

Feel free to share your teams, videos and thoughts / bragging on completing Season 5 here :slight_smile:

Some questions that may help shape your comments:

  • Are you close to done with Dunes provinces? Or long way to go?

  • What do you think of the storyline and progression?

  • What do you think about the difficulty level of Season 5 ?

  • Are there particular heroes or teams you’ve used a lot for Season 5 Stages?

  • What team / power did you use to defeat the final stage of Season 5 ? Easy & Hard mode?

  • Other things you’d like to share?

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Woo Hoo! I await videos for the finale.

Thank you @PlayForFun! You are de best! :bouquet::coffee:


Me on the other hand, who haven’t even started on S5 yet…


Take your time. I aim to clear all missions yadda yadda by 31/3/23. Then I will downgrade to even more Casual


I am waiting until the S5 costumes drop :skull: I am weak and will pull if I have the coins to do it

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@PlayForFun When can we expect an event for Season 5 with reduced energy? Is there any information or guesses?


I tihnk it is a safe bet to say maybe in the second half of the year, but we will see.
I do not know whether Staff wants to wait for the Untold stories to be released before “Dunes Forever” or something like that.


My favourite part is the “bludgeoning our way through” bit. Oh Richard, you lovable bludgeoner

Didn’t ToU start like the month after S4 ended ? I can’t remember now. It was so long ago.


I’m halfway trough 35 on easy going on auto with Lady of Lake the leading the way, should be done around noon.

Then hard in the afternoon on 34/1 right now, should be done soon enough

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I have completed 36-7 so I only have 3 more on Easy to finish.
(I have completed all previous provinces on easy + hard)
These are a pain, using a lot of mana pots for these special stages where the mana reduction is slower.

Has anyone done the boss yet? Can I use someone like Miki and block/stop specials?

Quick context for you all regarding the mana regeneration being slower in these special stages.
To fill Ludwig or Khepri from empty, I must use 2x SUPER Mana potion on each hero.
1x Super man only fills about half way

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Lol loved your “Dunes Forever”.

What about :

• Glorious Dunes
• Towering Dunes
• Majestic Dunes
• Eternal Dunes
• Sea of Dunes



Boss stage - So we can use Miki right? Miki will be helpful, I don’t see anything to say his special will be blocked or am I overlooking something? I am waiting for tornadoes, mana and timestops to craft right now anyway, plus need to wait for energy.


Thanks for the screenshot ! Let us know how it goes. Don’t have a ‘Miki’
but good luck anyway !

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So I just finished normal S5. The fight has 3 waves:

  1. Set + the other 2 - his special skill is the same as the hero
  2. Set as a Titan (image 2)
  3. Set alone (image 1)
    They won’t resist status ailments so bring everything you’ve got

    The fight wasn’t very difficult even if I went off-color. Here’s what I took:

    I got Eset avatar, some 3* mats, the tonic and the damascus blade upon completion. Hard will give you the Anubis avatar

Awesome thanks!
I will definitely do blue mono I guess.

Did you get extra goodies (4* mats) like other seasons? I am just hoping for a tome of tactics for ariel

Just tonic and damascus blade (like the previous seasons). I’ll try to complete it on hard but it will take a while

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In that case i assume Hard will give Tome, which is a shame, I have about 10 or 15 Damascus.
Thanks for the info much appreciated

Tips: In the first wave, Set revives allies with 100% HP every 5 turns as a passive. So take Set out first.
Mana cut will work but any other mana effects won’t in wave 2 (silence, mindless attack, mana steal, mana block etc.)
That bar from above is similar to the Contest of Elements bar. If you do 5 dragon attacks or diamonds (without tornadoes), you’ll charge it. During the Titan battle, that attack did 2500 damage so it’s worth saving it.
Time buffs properly because once every 5 turns, everything will be removed


I have a feeling the mana is reduced by 50% or more. But, yeah, I am so much not in the mood to complete the last 3 provinces with this effect in place…