5th set of season 2 missions

I dont have the recently introduced 5th set of S2 missions in my mission list. I got the bossed of the 4th one first and didnt get the next one. I thought maybe for these missions I need to complete all previous ones, so I waited.
During this Atlantis Rising event I finished the underwater stages mission, and yet no new avatar missions. What is the matter? Or do I need to reach a certain province first?

Are you sure about this? The 5th set of S2 boss and minion mission has been LIVE for quite some time. The only new mission that SG added in the recent AR was the one for the 100 Seadragons? What was the last boss mission you did?

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sorry for long delay - kept forgetting to look it up.
so I completed 4 sets of missions, and the corresponding avatar rewards were:
moth and parrot
stegosaurus (or something) and skeleton pirate
water dragon and a fox
skeleton (gashadokuro I think) and kappa
no more new avatar missions after that.

I think I know what is going on.
looks like mobs for those avatars are in maps level 25 and above, while my season 2 map shows only provinces up to 24. do I need to beat 24th province to open the rest?

I think you have cracked the mystery. The mobs and bosses are indeed at province 24 and above. :slight_smile:

You can refer to this pic for the final mission set from this post.


Thanks for linking my post, but to be fair to whoever made it, just wanted to say it’s not my picture. :slight_smile:


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