Looking for defense advice please

I’ve been playing almost 3 months. I want to improve my defensive team.
first pic is my current raid defense and the following are other hero’s I need to level up. with what I have now,

  1. what lineup would you suggest?
  2. which hero’s should I focus on leveling to get in my raid defense?
    I thought about leveling hero’s to go with something like:
    Lwing tiburtus, Lflank neith, tank sartana,
    Rflank joon , Rwing rigard
    would that line up be worthwhile?
    Tia for all advice and input.

Hiya @xxRagnar

Congrats on your progression so far!

The first piece of advice - Focus on the 4*s

The best advice I can & will give is to focus on 4* heroes & pause the 5* ones (once you finish their current ascension tier). Reasons being:

  1. 5* heroes are very expensive & time consuming to level-up. They need a lot of unfarmable materials
  2. 4* heroes who are maxed are more useful than a 5* stuck at 3-70. 4* heroes can be used in more places (more tournaments & more challenge events) than the 5* who’s stuck. Additionally, the 4* hero can be emblemed up while the 5* hero just sits & looks dopy…
  3. 4* heroes form the base of the game. In wars & raids, most players (except the very very advanced ones) supplement their line-up with 4* heroes.

My advice is to work on 4* heroes until you get 4x maxed rainbow 4* teams. This will allow you to get:
a) a good base roster to work from. Useful in wars, raids, tournaments, events etc…
b) a good understanding of your play style. What skills & hero types are best suited to you.
c) able to stockpile those extremely rare unfarmable 4* ascension materials (Darts, Tomes etc…)

Only once you got 4x rainbow 4* teams (15-20 maxed 4-stars) would I focus again on 5* heroes.

NOW! back to the OP questions:

Not having any maxed heroes etc… it makes it hard to get a GOOD & SOLID lineup. With what you have available right now levelled, you’re probably running about the best combination available.
Only small change to remove Grimm from the lineup… Yes he’s more levelled but he’s fragile…
Hansel → Queen of Hearts-> Boril → Joon-> Sartana

Suggested Heroes to Level
Following the “Focus on the 4*” advice:
Blue - Finish Grimm to 4-70. Then Boril next. Then Kiril & Grimm #2

Red - Finish QoH to 3-70. Then Scarlett next. if you get BT, focus on him before Scarlett.

Green - Finish Hansel #1, then Caedmon, then Hansel #2 then skittles last (if you get another green, bump them ahead of skittles).

Yellow - Finish Joon to 3-70. Then work on Chao #1 & #2. If you get some other variety, do them in front of Chao #2. Someone like Li Xiu or Wu Kong. Note on Wu Kong, if you get him MAX HIM OUT!! (Link below)

Purple - Finish Sartana to 3-70. Then work on Rigard next then Sabina then Tiburtus (+costume).

Link to why Wu Kong is Boss!


thank you!!! lots of good info!!! I really appreciate the advice. I’m hopeful I’ll get a wu Kong soon!!
I’m going to switch up and try that line up you suggested.
once I max g rimm, would you put emblems on him?


I have a lot of barbarians, some really good ones…

Barbarians include Gravemaker, Black Knight & many more…

Yet Grimm has +15 emblem nodes on him (followed attack route).

I use my +15 Grimm in all Red Titans & he gets a run most wars. I’m playing against 13* titans now & my typical war enemy TP is 4300-4600 TP


I currently have 85 emblems waiting for me to max him out. that’s good know he is useful long term. I know mats get harder and harder to come by so I try not to waste them. thank you again for the advice

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@Guvnor. You always give well thought out responses. Great advise as always.

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The only thing I would add to guvnors response is to make sure your in an alliance that suits you and your goals.

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I liked your information, I wanted to know the link to access this Talents upgrade tool

Link is this website & tool by @Razor


that is a good point. the alliance I’m in now has some issues. as I’m learning from the forum and playing I’m trying to share that info. I’m trying to help turn it around. we’ve been removing inactive players and trying to rebuild. once I have more depth built up I’ll have to weigh my options

If you’re interested (and feel free to ignore) my alliance family have a training alliance which might be a good spot for you to learn & grow.

If you’re interested shoot me a message on Line App, my ID is Guvnor81


Same here. We’d welcome you in our alliance.

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I’ve tried several times to create an account on the Razor website, but it seems very complicated I can’t even create the account, I’ve read it several times but I can’t

thanks , I appreciate that. I think I want to try to build up for another month so when I join a more active alliance I’ll have the depth to contribute

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I personally didn’t have any issues with it.

Step 1: hit “Join Us”

Step 2: Create User & Password
Note, you need a passcode which you generate by clicking the link (indicated in photo below by an arrow)

Step 3: Thats it really… Once your in, just update your player profile with the data needed. then you’re free to start using the guildware :slight_smile:
Access the Guildware:

Step 4: Add your roster (OPTIONAL)
In the guildware the default screen is to add/ fill out your roster. don’t need to do this tho.

Step 5: Use the features!!

Hero Utility
Generates the cards, shows the frequency of the hero & also links in with @Anchor’s grading scheme.

Other functions:

Collection Tasks
Requests by Razor to collect data on the top 100 leaderboard (current)

Hero Editor
Edits the roster you put in

Grading List
List of heroes you can grade (based on the maxed heroes in your roster you entered)

Roster for your troops

assists in pre-planning your teams (mainly for war)

Hero Export
exports the roster you put in to a data file

Emblem Planning Report, put in the emblems you have and it helps you work out who & what can be upgraded with the emblems you currently have!

tool I used for the What-If analysis shown above… Allows you to work out/ see what a hero stats would be like if you took different emblem pathways.

War Tracker
you input your war performance over time

Class Grid
Sorts your heroes you put in your roster by their classes

Elemental Grid
Same as class grid but with elements


Wow @Guvnor I’m even bookmarking this! ha ha thank you fine sir!


Got it. Thanks