Can somebody point me in the right direction

Hi I’ve been playing Empires for a while now, but can somebody advise me whether I am doing the best heroes that I have, or please point me in the right direction.

Ok so my overarching advice:

Also a great spot to read:

And this is a good directory of useful links


Really? :confounded:. An alliance of knowledgeable players is important to progress in this game. If you aren’t in one check out Alliance Recruitment.

Guvnor has included links to great threads, definitely worth a read - GL.


Lots of good advice provided by both Guvnor and Sarah2.
From your roster, I would focus on:
Red - Boldtusk and Guardian Falcon
Blue - Kiril and Grimm
Green - Melendor (in costume)
Purple - Tiburtus and Sabina
Yellow - Li Xiu
Personally, I don’t put emblems on 3* heroes, but that’s just my choice
Good luck

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