Need help setting up defense and raid squad

I have a big mixed group now and have been working on leveling up a couple 5star heroes, could I get some advice on what my best defense team should be, and maybe a decent raid team

First piece of general advice:

Current Defence Team:

Right NOW I would suggest the following defence team:
Kiril -> Evelyn -> Seshat -> Gravemaker -> Melendor

Future Defence Team:

Evelyn -> Gravemaker -> Guinevere -> Seshat -> Gregorion

I doubled on the greens cause Issy isn’t a great defensive hero… shes slow & pretty squishy… Fantastic on Offence but…

Raid Team

Can’t really offer advice on this as I believe that raid teams should be tailored to the defence team youre facing… the “I use the same raid team always” is one of the WORST tactics ever… and inevitably leads to frustration & complaints about “Raids are Unfair”…

I believe the best way of raiding is a 3-2 stack where the 3 used is STRONG against the tank. The 2 should be picked for good synergy with the “3”.

You should also aim to have it set up so that your entire raid team is Strong or Neutral against a side of the defence team (Tank, Flank & Wing on one side)… This will lead to you having the best chance of killing heroes with tiles & allowing you to ghost tiles for quicker mana generation.

Your Defence Is Good Enough

Also going to link this thread as it has a lot of merit… Defence teams are pretty meaningless in the end… All they need to do is keep you at a point where you can raid to Diamond or Platinum to open your Raid Chest…

The only defence team that matters is your War Defence Team…


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