In need of some serious advice

I have been playing this game a little while now and I thought I had a pretty decent lineup. But I must be doing something wrong because it seems like my defense team is always getting beat and when I try to put together a raid team I lose a lot of those raids to. I don’t know if it’s the order I have my heroes set up in or if I’m just using the wrong Heroes but I would love some advice.

In my honest opinion, your best maxed 4* rainbow team would include:
Kashhrek, Tiburtus, Sonya, Boldtusk and Hu Tao.
But for your defence I would level Boril, Grimm and Rigard asap
For your attack, I would work on Wilbur, Proteus (both game changers) and Colen, Melendor and Kelile
Personally, I wouldn’t bother levelling any of your 5* until you have 2 or 3 fully levelled 4* teams and at least one levelled 3* rainbow team.
Good luck

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My general advice here without going in to specifics is for you to focus your levelling efforts on 4* heroes for now. I see a lot of half finished projects and not enough depth for raids. A lot of low level 5* heroes that aren’t useful yet. You really can’t rush this game. First you need to level a few teams of 3 star heroes. Then you will want a few teams of 4 star heroes before even starting to level 5 star heroes.

In general with what little experience I have I have found that in order to be competitive in Raids you need at least 3 ( maybe even 4 ) heroes of each color so you can go for 3/2 or 4/1 stacks where you use 3 or 4 heroes of the same colour that are strong against the enemies’ tank. Looking at your roster this means levelling up a bunch of 4* heroes because if you come up against a well built team you will have trouble getting to 3 competitive heroes in a certain color.

JGE has given some great suggestions on which you should focus on first

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So it’s important to think about how heroes work together when assembling a team.

On your defense team for example, Kashhrek, Kiril and Boldtusk don’t really pair well. If Kash goes off and then BT and then Kiril, BT and Kiril are healing for a 2nd and 3rd time which doesn’t help you, and then Kiril and BT both attack buff, so if Kiril goes off it overwrites BT with a lower attack buff.

Kashhrek as tank does nothing to hurt your opponent, he just buys a lot of time for your other heroes, so you need a real threat behind him. Hu Tao would be good for that, he’s slow mana but if he goes off it will cause problems for your opponent.

In general, you don’t really want more than 2 healers max on a team, or have two heroes that do the same buff/debuff. You only want one of kiril/boldtusk and you only want one of Tibertus/Gormek/Wilbur etc (those are all worth levelling, but best to not be on the same attack team).

Lastly, I wouldn’t use your 5*s until they are at least at the 3rd ascension.

well thanks for the advice but could you recommend me a better setup for my defense team

Current team but with Hu Tao in place of Kiril

thank you very much , is there a preferred order i should have team in from from left to right

Sonya - BT - Kash - Tibs - Hu Tao

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