Needed ascension items

Is there a building that can be upgraded to make ascension items needed to upgrade heros? Such as Darts and others. If there is can someone please tell me what building and what level?

Yes, it’s called Alchemy Lab. You’ll need to upgrade it to level 9 or 10.


And just to build the Alchemy Lab and upgrading to that level nearly requires full maximized levels of the Iron Storages including all available Advanced Iron Storages at Level 10. To Research those Level 9 and 10 Alchemy Lab products will require nearly fully maxed Food Storages including all available Advanced Food Storages at Level 10.

Just to keep enough food and iron going for those Food and Iron Storages respectively requires nearly maxing all of your available Farms at Level 20 and Advanced Farms at Level 10 and Mines at Level 20 and Advanced Mines at Level 10.

To transmute items for those ascension mats requires 10,000 Alkashards, which takes normal people months (plural) of transmutating other smaller items many times over just to eventually get to that one 10,000 Alkashard cost.

It’s multiple consecutive marathons towards crafting one 4* Acension Mat at the Alchemy Lab. Be ready.

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I didn’t tell it was easy, just the building were it is possible to make as question was like that. :slight_smile:

Alchemy is biggest bust in history of this game just a horrible horrible odds, requirements and cost.

You need to be crazy to go for it but there are many different people so go with the wind if you think it’s worth.

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I just figured when everything else was fully leveled then I could fall back on the Lab with nothing else really going on, but I suspect Hero Academy will be just as scary when it comes to cost.

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I totally agree. Turned my Alchemy back to forge. Now I even regret getting it to lv3 but luckily didn’t research anything.

Hero academy will be same bust looking everything in this game.

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Closing the topic as the question has been asked and answered & now we’re heading off track…

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