Drops from ~1200 monster and raid chests, comparing monster, platinum, and diamond, and pre-tier raid

Hi everyone,

You may remember my previous post on drops from monster and raid chests. Below is up-to-date data in an easier to read format. Right now I’ll just post the data and maybe in the future follow up with some discussion.
As always, take the results with a grain of salt. I think 500 would be the minimum number needed for each chest category to have a good estimate, and I’m below that. For example, my last ~25 diamond loot has been pretty lousy. I seriously doubt platinum troop tokens are more frequent than diamond (unless drop rate was reduced recently. Doubtful, but possible. Would need much faster data collection to see trends like this).

Crowdsourcing data collection would be better for increased sample size, but that has its issues as well. Also, it’s possible drop rates vary between players or varied during the data collection time. Either way, the data is sufficient to draw some preliminary conclusions, so I figured I’d post.

Pre and post-update refer to the update that added raid tiers (gold, diamond, platinum, etc.).

I also have data on Mystic Vision drops, RM chest drops, and 1000 farming runs on two of my preferred farming levels that I will make separate posts for.


(Reserved for future discussion) - I’ll probably just make the discussion a “living” post. Meaning I’ll add stuff sporadically.

  • The raid chests are almost certainly improved at the platinum and diamond level compared to pre-tier chests. It seems the improvement is mostly in 3* ascension materials, raid flasks, and epic troop tokens (I’ve been unlucky with 4* in diamond). The (likely) troop token increase at high raid tiers is a very good improvement for end game players. The (likely) higher raid flask drop rate is a nice touch too. It helps to offset the lower win-rate in diamond compared to platinum for me. Nice work devs!

  • It is definitely more valuable to skip raid chest timers with the 3 skips you get per 24 hours (at least at platinum and diamond, I would guess gold too but no data there).

  • I cup dropped for platinum chests and my win rate was much higher, allowing me to fill them faster. Diamond drops are better, but I’m not sure they’re better enough to offset the faster chest filling with cup dropping. I’ll calculate chests/day for each, but that’s not entirely reliable bc I’ve been a lot busier with life stuff lately while filling diamond chests. I have also had to use quite of bit of my reserved raid flasks at the diamond level, which I didn’t have to do at platinum. However this is somewhat offset by the (likely) higher raid flask drop rate. I think the win-rate discrepancy between tiers can be resolved through further increases in raid flasks at each tier (if necessary).

  • Raid chests only drop raid flasks (maybe alliance…not enough data), monster chests only drop world flasks (and alliance rarely), rare chests drop all.


Thank you. This is amazing. I look forward to the discussion. Would love to see results from anyone else who has been as careful as you.


Thanks. I’ve spent quite a bit of time collecting and organizing over the last few months. Glad to hear when people appreciate it!

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I would also like to extend my thanks for the time and effort expended to organize and post this. Look forward to more in the future. More info is ALWAYS a good thing in this game.

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I hate to bump my own post, but it seems I may have posted at a bad time initially. Anyone wondering about approximate odds in monster and raid chests check out the OP. Been keeping track since October.

The RM chest is the Titan chest right?

Might also be rare (elemental) chest

RM is rare chest. These drops won‘t happen in titan chests sadly ;D

RM is “Rare Monster” chest, sorry for not stating that. I tried to keep track of titan chests, but gave up when I realized 1 chest every 5-6 days would have almost no statistical significance for one person. Anecdotally, I would put the rewards from titan chests better than monster chests, but worse than Raid-platinum and diamond.

Haha yeah I was wondering why your titan chests seem so much more productive than mine. That definitely makes more sense.

Elemental Chests can appear in any slot.

Ye I know. I was referring to the drops of the mats in the sheet. You will not find 100% rate of 3* AM in titan chest :grin:

  • It is definitely more valuable to skip raid chest timers with the 3 skips you get per 24 hours (at least at platinum and diamond, I would guess gold too but no data there).

3 skips you get per 24 hours. Could someone clarify this please?

You can skip watetime of chests with gems. But it‘s limited to a certain amount/time.

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Here’s a detailed list of what I received from the 40 rare monster chests I’ve opened in this time frame:


Elemental chests? They have appeared quite often for you!

I’ve been skipping monster chests a lot, and experimenting with skipping raid chests occasionally, and this statement brings up two questions:

  1. Is the chest skip limit three in a rolling 24 hour window? I’ve bumped up into it now and again, but didn’t come up against it all too often, the way I spaced it out to keep the gem cost down. And I’ve wondered exactly how the limit was calculated.
  2. Are you saying that the loot returns for skipping raid chests are better than the loot return for skipping monster chests?

The iron and ham is definitely better than monster chests if you’re opening diamond or platinum tier chests.

Love this sort of stuff. I do very detailed tracking as well. Would you want me to somehow send you my data too? I’ve not been tracking for nearly as long, but I feel like you’d still find my info useful somehow. It’s in an Excel spreadsheet. It includes roughly 1300 map runs (including 200+ at both 7.4 and 8.7, since those are my primary Monster Chest farmer/fillers), 82 Monster Chests, 74 Gold Raid Chests, seven Titan Chests, and five Elemental Chests. There’s also some Quest loot data and Titan loot data.

I sympathize with your comment in your OP about crowdsourcing having issues. I’m guessing you’re mainly just talking about the fact that you can’t account for how thorough others might (or might not!) be in their collection methods, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that with mine, because literally every item has its’ own possible cell in the sheet. I mean, it’s possible that I may over look a Firestone or two every so often, but that’s not going to have a material impact on the aggregated data.

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