Helppppp with Ascension material

I have been playing for roughly 6 months. I have literally never missed a flag at war, a titan flag and have used all my world energy to the point of waking up through the night. Yes I am hooked.
My point am going to make is, where is all the 5* hero ascension material? I have wasted so much money trying to pull 5* heros but I cant do anything with them. It’s hard enough getting the luck to pull them, to still fall short when you do. Since the beginning I have pulled :

6 telescopes
6 royal tabards
5 poison darts
2 rings
2 tonics.

Wouldn’t mind but have paid for most of them on deal packs. Is it just me or is there a drout on a.m? It has been a long time since I have pulled any of the above and I have kunchen and hel and I want to take them both higher instead of debating with myself. Lucky my only green 5* is atomos and have no interest in feeding him at all. Maybe it’s just me, but I see all the old skool players with lots of fully ascended 5* hero’s. Do I really have to wait 2 years to get 6 rings, to ascend only 1 character? What’s the secret?

Quoting myself from a different thread:

In addition, alliance wars and the new weekly raid tournaments are also good chances at getting ascension materials. With all of those sources, I’ve been able to ascend 2-3 5* heroes of each color in the 18 months I’ve been playing.

While you’re waiting for the really rare materials, build a bench of 4* heroes with the more common materials. They’ll help you compete in titans, raids, wars, and events more effectively, which will help you earn more ascension materials.


Thanks for the reply. I have literally done all of the above. I have 1 fully ascended 4* star of each colour with and additional yellow and green on route. But hit a holt on 4* aswell due to ascention material. So frustrating

Taking down big titans is the best source of incremental rare mats. If you have solid 4* hitters, you should be in an alliance that lets you get into Loot Tier IX, which is the critical threshold—that’s a B on an 8* titan or a C on a 9* titan.

Make sure you complete all Rare Quests, with their guaranteed 4* item at the end.

Regarding getting the 5* heroes to use these items, how many TC20 are you running?


Currently in a group hitting 8* and 9*. Been top 5 Finnish last 5 titans with all scores above 110k and no 5* ascention equipment. Had a trap tool and a compass of titans. Along with common summon, 1* trainer and a 2* trainner and Damascus blade from completion of titan chest.

As far as am aware my loot tier has been ‘A’

Pulled a 1* green trainer hero off this performance

4* mats are very rare. Taking down 12* titans, my alliance typically sees about two per titan—so that’s 2 in 90 ascension mat rolls, or about a 2% chance per roll on a 12*. Odds are a bit worse on lower-tier titans. It’s a slog.

I’m looking forward to improving those odds from the new raid tournaments.

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After a full week of no a.m of titan
Again today I never even got any a.m off 5/5 titan chest and no a.m off normal chests for over 3 weeks and no a.m of mystic vision for over 2 months hahaha. Up yours small giant :,)