Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm )

Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm )

Guardian Jackal and Scarlett, together they fight crime

For a rainbow team, I prefer Rogue Scarlett to Rogue Jackal ( see notes ).

Interestingly, Scarlett’s base stats ( Attack 767, Defense 507, HP 1039 ) are very similar to Jackal ( Attack 765, Defense 531, HP 1032 ). Jackal has slightly more defense.

Jackal and yellow 4* / 5* heroes

Jackal’s tile damage when dead ( grave damage ) is greater than all but Musashi ( yellow 5* HotM ) and Inari ( yellow 5* Atlantis ). Combined with Jackal’s very fast mana speed, and limited, one target, elemental defense debuff, this makes Jackal very popular.

Yellow 4* heroes are missing a healer, an enemy defense down ( like Ramming Pulverizer or Wonderful Feast ) and many people dislike Gambler’s Stance ( see 2d12 example ). This makes Jackal a very attractive yellow 4* Hero.

Scarlett and red 4* / 5* heroes

Scarlett’s tile damage when dead ( grave damage ) is greater than all but Azlar, Elena and Kong. Combined with Splash damage ( my personal favorite ), fast mana speed, and a very long ( 6 turns ! ) enemy attack debuff to compliment the Ramming Pulverzier trio/ Wilbur/ Buddy, makes Scarlett one of my favorite red 4* heroes.

Unfortunately Scarlett is over looked because Azlar and Elena ( both Classic red 5* heroes with slow mana speed ) and Kong ( red 5* Guardian ) are all easier to get then Musashi and Inari.

Red 4* Heroes have Fighter Boldtusk ( only 4* Fighter healer ), Paladin Falcon ( only elemental defense down for target AND nearby that is 4* hero ), Wilbur ( Wonderful feast ), and Gormek ( Ramming Pulverizer ). Not only are these powerful heroes, they are very sturdy ( defense and HP ) and stand on their own. While Scarlett, being a glass cannon like Jackal, really needs two healers.


Personally, I run two healers of different colors, so I like running glass cannons ( Wu Kong, Melendor, Sabina, Grimm, Scarlett, Jackal, Joon ) that do high tile damage when dead ( grave damage ) and compliment Gambler’s Stance ( which works best with tile damage ).

My lack of 5* healers ( curse you Alberich, Mother North, Delilah and Ariel ) is the only reason I do not have a rainbow 5* team.

Class stat nodes and Glass cannons

Grimm 4* 4.70 ( Attack 716, Defense 531, HP 1132 ) has the same defense stat as Gunnar 3* 3.50 and Jackal at 4* 4.70 .

A very good friend of mine ran Grimm 4*+20 all attack, Grimm 4*+20 all defense, Grimm 48+20 all HP and discovered very little difference between the three specs. The way the class nodes, tile damage, color stacking and colorless damage all work, there is very difference between the three specs. This seems to be deliberate in the Dev’s design of class stat nodes. This would also explain the Dev’s resistance to free resets or more common reset emblems. If the spec is mostly irrelevant for 4* heroes ( the back bone of Empires ), the number of nodes is the more important stat.


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@Gryphonknight I love your Rogue assessment and agree about Scarlett being one of my favorite 4* heroes! And about Jackal it’s exactly why now that I have him I’m going to level him next and add him as yellow stack to Joon and another yellow

I would give both of them emblems honestly to with attack as the focus but pick up a tad of defense to get that number to 600 and that would make them a great glass canon for real lol


I’ve got Jackal emblemed to +16 and the 1-2 punch of Jackal + Joon/Poseidon is a great part of almost any 3-2 stack.