Gryph, Doc - Can I get your advice?


F2P Roster- Scarlett and Mother North ( together they fight crime )

Legendary training and RNG paywall

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There is a long complicated math explanation involving - time to level your base, hero XP, gold Epic hero tokens, recruits, food and the nature of RNG ( specifically a non modified flat RNG ) - that explains why running 2 to 4 Legendary training to get Wu Kong - or in your case Rigard - may still not help a player.

But just pretend I gave it to you and all the lurking users understood it.

The Devs promised Hero Academy as a band aid solution and a better, actual solution in the works ( to be fair it is a tricky solution for an MMO ).


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Scarlett is not as good as Gormek in isolation, but you are building a war roster and a team roster and your team will contain Wu Kong.


For emblems Gormek Falls behinds Tiburtus due to Pierce and Grimm because Cascade squad needs a blue and Grimm’s base stats at 4* 3.60 and 4* 4.70 help a lot for Barbarian Quests ( I run a Grimm 4*+8 and a second 4* 3.60 ).

I use my Gormek fine at 4* 3.60 for strong matching damage versus green, is 50% of the hero XP of 4* 4.70 and only requires 1* / 2* ascension items.


There is no green Ramming Pulverizer / Athena’s Bow. After Guardian Panther + Tiburtus was introduced it became a killer combo. This is why Frida is average mana speed and Devs are slow to replace Guardian Falcon with a 5* version.

Green 4* heroes really lack hitters. So Evelyn is not as useful until you have at least two more good green 5* heroes. But at 5* 2.60 Evelyn is better than a green 3* 3.50 and only uses 1* / 2* ascension items.


You are short on Fine Gloves and a little thin on your 4* roster for my taste. Wu Kong 4* 4.70 will serve you better for a set of Fine Gloves and the Hero XP of Tarlak at 5* 3.70 and 47% the Hero XP of Tarlak at 5* 4.80 - at least for now.

People always wanted a different color Wu Kong and a 5* Wu Kong so you will eventually level Tarlak. I have a lot of 5* heroes waiting for their time but I do not have the hero XP - this is a big consideration, - ascension items and roster support to do it now.

Mother North

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Mother North, Alberich, Delilah, Joon, Natalya, are some heroes that work fine at 5* 3.70 because of their special skills. They work better at 5* 4.80 or 5*+19 but fine at 5* 3.70 . When at 5* 3.70 they need a decent roster of 4* heroes to support them.

Click for discussion of 5* 2.60 and 3.70

Miracle Scrolls

The early game is all about completing rare quests, Class quests and challenge event’s tier completion rewards to get emblems and 3* ascension items ( and 4* if you can).

Miracle scrolls suck. Revive scrolls are not much better.

However, if you have Mother North and a decent anchor hero - stays alive so you can still do matching damage ( like Boldtusk 4*+1 or Ameonna 4* 3.60 ) - they can use a Revive scroll ( you can carry 3 ) on Mother North then a mana item on Mother North to revive your other 3 heroes.


And % Heal is more powerful with X*+19 heroes, especially 4* / 5* heros.