Best use for khagan?

Lately I full mana khagan in the start of a titan 10 star instead of wilbur

It worked nicely . Wilbur and miky becomes faster Mana and it started a nice cycle

So a question

Who are most benefited from sitting near khagan

In… raids…

Everything. You said in raids. But in raids you set your attack team depending of the opponent’s heroes. Assuming you attack a green tank (that’s why you’re bringing Khagan), then another two reds. I don’t know what reds you have…

No…of course better against green

The question is which heros he will support best slow aoe? Fast snipers? Healers?

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I would go with fast snipers, of course.

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I have no idea in your roster. But usually a powerful debuffer like Kunchen/Santa and Azlar.

Or you want a rotation mana up like Albi/Ariel.

One of them should usually be a powerful AOE.


If you have Onatel put him next to her. Works a treat

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