Gorilla or Khagan?

Yep, that’s what i have for red heroes. I know, it’s sad.

So, which one for you i have to give my love?

I don’t have Kahgan, but I do have the Gorilla. Paired with Jackal, Alberich, Rigard and Sonya I quite like him.

Yeah, i notice he is similar to Azlar.
Azlar better for DoT (against a semi-useless ice defence), but Gorilla is average speed and not slow.

But he is really… ugly :rofl:


Compare them:


Definitely Kaghan, I don’t see why people don’t like him, yes he’s a slow hero but take that away from him and he’s a better Magni. Also once u get his special off you can instantly charge ur fast heroes with 3 tiles

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And Kong is basically a Colen with better stats but no DOT

No, wait… you compare Khagan and Magni?
Are you serious?

Khagan is vastly superior, Kong isn’t relevant in any current game mechanic.

Flank Khagan with strong AE heroes and watch attackers get murdered if they can’t stop his buff.

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So, 2-1 for now.
I don’t know, guess i never fight a central Khagan nor Gorilla, so i’ve got never “feelings” on how they really are.

Khagan slow mana really worry me, and i don’t see any other place for him that a defensive raid team, but my ideal team is… different.
Gorilla on the other hand probably don’t have any role at all, but at least i can use his good attacking stats and average speed maybe for titan and event.

…help me ;_;

You can generally carry a single slow hero even on attack and be OK… Alby and Khagan get a bit of a pass especially on this since once their cycle starts, it just keeps rolling on a lot of boards.

Defensively, Khagan is a tank typically: buff your flanks, and let them lower the boom, similar to what Ares does (though Ares is more survivable); however, Khagan’s buff is arguably more dangerous if you don’t kill him quickly: accelerating Azlar by like 2 turns = ouchie; too bad Azlar’s the same color but other AE casters can do similar.

Hard to say Quintus might not actually suck on the flank of Khagan as if Khagan casts, Quintus and the other flank are likely going to cast too… and at 80 there aren’t that many dispellers and if your enemy is forced to carry a couple of 70’s, that’s a severe stat differential when we’re talking high end raiding.

It’s going to be a while before he’s seen in any meaningful quantity as he’s new and people probably spent their rings on Ares if they had him (in which case they will probably ascend something other than Khagan for their second), but the beta feedback was solid for him and mana buffs / debuffs are tasty game mechanics wise.



Magni has fast speed, khagan had mana generation

Seems a little audacious for me but… ok.

I think your calculations on Khagan are off, Denys. His mana boost is 24% maxed. Even if you have mana-boosting troops leveled to 15, which gives something like +11%, for a total boost of 35%, for fast-charging heroes you’d still need 6 tiles to get off a special.

8 (the base number of tiles needed) x .35 = 2.8, which rounded down is two.
8 - 2 = 6.

Unfortunately, Khagan’s mana boost needs a serious buff to be in any way effective, as do the troops with mana-boosting abilities if they want to be competitive with their critical-upping brethren.

That said, Khagan is likely good defensively. It’s not clear to me (is it to anyone?) how mana recharge works on defense, but Khagan’s special is likely pretty effective there, if he’s placed in the center. His defense and HPs are high, and he’s got a defensive buff, so he should be able to take some shots.

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As time passes in a round heroes charge up faster than at the start

So by the time you will actually get his special going (unless u hit a gem at the start) The fast mana heroes will charge in 3 blocks

I speak from experience because I have albi and by the time I get his special off my fast heroes get 80-90% mana in 1 combo and he only gives 10%

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Ok, fight a central Khagan.
Not impressed me at all. Totally on another class then Alby.

As i fear, his mana boost is not impressive and slow mana it’s a real pain.
Still in the bench both for now, keeping just in case something change, but i don’t think i ever level them up.

Mana generation doesn’t work like that.

On attack your mana is generated by tiles, and that number varies only on the mana speed of the hero and very high level mana generation troops, and some buffs.

Time during the round does not matter, one tile is one tile, unless ghosted in which case it counts double.

Very fast: 7
Fast: 8
Average: 10
Slow: 12
Very slow: not sure 14 maybe

That is how many tiles it takes to charge a hero; defense is somewhat similar, basically ever single turn each living hero gains a tile. Mana generation from attacks though appears to start at 0.5 per tile and then decays as cascades occur.

Khagan accelerates this gain, so for reacharging himself:

10 * 1.24 = 12.4 which is enough to charge a slow hero… so only 10 tiles required when K’s buff is up. That then stacks with everything else so you can get pretty stupid with alby if you can afford two slow heros (this config is more appropriate on defense imo)


Does Khagan’s ability stack with alby’s or will alby over right his once it goes off? I just got Khagan and was wondering if he would help my defence team?

I was thinking possibly to replace my Marjana (on defence only) and either put as tank or between alby and Delilah) any suggestions?


Khagan and Alby have different abilities so they stack, they’re just phrased in a weirdly similar way.

But I still wouldnt swap Marj for Khag.

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I’m just looking for a little extra edge for my defence team i usually get into the 2700’s every night and when I wake up in in the low 2500 to high 2400 range…
I thought maybe he is defence buff would help get my trophies up?