Is the mana boost in talent grid give big difference in mana generation?

I have 4* ranger hero here who already have level 7 ranger talent.

Now there’s option between atk+ or mana speed+ , and I’m not sure which one worth more seems my hero already have fast mana.

So I’m wondering will the mana speed+ make him to have very fast mana? Just wondering. :laughing:
Is the mana speed+ really worthy? Please share if you did your hero’s upgrade for mana boost talent.

The mana speed boost is exactly 2% faster mana generation, which alone, is absolutely worthless, as it won’t charge up in fewer tiles than before.

If you have a 4* mana troop you are using on that hero, there are breakpoints for those, depending on the hero’s mana speed, and for that hero, the breakpoint is one lower:

  • Very Slow - Improves with a L1 mana troop and again at L23 I think, but no 4* hero has very slow mana anyway.
  • Very Fast - Improves with a L11 mana troop
  • Slow - improves with a L17 mana troop
  • Average - improves with a L23 mana troop
  • Fast - improves with a L29 mana troop

If the hero in question has fast mana (as you indicate), my initial thought is don’t bother: To get any improvement you need a L29 mana troop (nearly unachievable unless you spend a couple thousand dollars on troop summons) … or if you take this mana boost, you will get the effect with “only” a L23 mana troop (which typically can be achieved in a over a year of playing to get the feeder troops).

The place where this looks better is for an average mana hero – Getting a 4* troop to L17 can be done by farming in a ~year of gameplay farming, and add this boost to get the improvement; instead of charging in 10 tiles, the hero will charge in 9 tiles (three match-3’s)


If you search, there’s a lot of discussion regarding 4* mana troops vs 4* crit troops on the forums, to give a bit more context to my answer, @WaaWaa


I see~ thanks for the explanations~ :grin:

I do have L17 mana troop but it’s not for my ranger hero~ :sweat_smile: guess I’ll not pick the mana boost then~

I don’t have it readily available, but the formula might help OP understand how it works.

Anyone else have formulas?

That’s the ticket!


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