Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed

Hey everyone!

I initially developed this just for my alliance, but I think it might be helpful for everyone. I made a chart showing the useful mana bonus percentages for every mana speed! The mana bonuses shown will decrease the number of tiles it takes to charge hero special abilities. There are different percentages that are useful for offense and defense.

Here’s the information I used to make this chart:

Offense: Mana charges in two ways. When tiles hit opponents, you get “1 tile” worth of mana. When tiles miss opponents, you get “2 tiles” worth of mana.

Defense: Mana charges in two ways. When a turn finishes, defense heroes get “1 tile” worth of mana. When a tile hits your defense heroes, you get “0.5 tiles” worth of mana.

Another thing to note is that hero mana speeds are defined by how many tiles it takes to activate them. Here are those classifications:

Very Slow: 13.5 tiles
Slow: 12 tiles
Average: 10 tiles
Fast: 8 tiles
Very Fast: 6.5 tiles

If you combine all this together, you can figure out the mana bonus needed to reduce the number of tiles to charge your special abilities. (You may notice that it’s easier to improve performance of defense teams. This is because you only have to reduce “half a tile” worth of mana to see performance improvements, as opposed to “a whole tile” worth of mana for offense.)

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for chart improvements.

Shameless alliance plug. Motivators Madness is the best!

EDIT: @Garanwyn caught an error where I used 14 instead of 13.5 tiles for very slow heroes. I updated everything accordingly.


Is there a considered list of mana boosters?

Ariel + Alby + Troops is like a gateway to beautiful mind levels of ‘Need for Speed’ math

I am not sure if there is, but I can list common ones here:

Mana Troops
Level 1: 5%
Level 5: 7%
Level 11: 9%
Level 17: 11%
Level 23: 13%
Level 29: 15%

Class Bonuses
Ranger 2% at Level 8
Rogue 2% at Level 8

Barbarian 2% at Level 19
Cleric 2% at Level 19
Fighter 2% at Level 19
Paladin 2% at Level 19
Wizard 2% at Level 19

Druid 4% at Level 20
Monk 4% at Level 20
Sorcerer 4% at Level 20

Heroes with +24% buff
Boss Wolf
Friar Tuck

Heroes with Mana Regen
Alberich: Generates “a moderate amount of mana” equal to 0.8 tiles worth of mana per turn

Misandra: Generates “a small amount of mana” If this is similar to Alberich, maybe Misandra generates 0.4 tiles worth of mana (I AM GUESSING HERE)

Inari - 7% mana regen per turn when a fox is summoned

Sakura Family Mana Bonus
2 Sakura heroes: 2%
3 Sakura heroes: 4%
4 Sakura heroes: 7%
5 Sakura heroes: 12%

I might have missed anything. Let me know if I did!

EDIT: Incorporated @Olmor suggestions

EDIT: I didn’t notice there were mana bonus differences for class upgrades. Thanks for pointing that out @ModernThinker! I looked up and added all mana bonuses from class upgrades, and the levels you receive them

EDIT: Added additional details for heroes with mana regeneration


That’s a nice way to display target information on mana buffs. Thank you for sharing!

One small correction though:

Very Slow=13.5 tiles :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Garanwyn! Nice catch. I’ll fix that and re-upload the table


Danza +24% 4 turns
Inari minion +7% after each turn

Alby = 12% and stacks

What’s Misandria’s buff worth, and does it stack with the others?

Know Khagan and Ariel don’t stack (he’s also 24% if memory serves)

Alby=0.8 of a tile per turn
What that equates to in % depends on your mana speed

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Al’s buff regenerates mana depending on the mana speed of the hero.

Regarding Misandra, I don’t know how much mana she regenerates, but I don’t think it’s an actual buff. The mana regen from her is applied immediately after the attack and doesn’t have a buff symbol attached to it.

Does anyone know how much mana Misandra actually regenerates?

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Monk, Sorcerer, and Druid @+20 all add 4% instead of 2%.

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I made a chart for how mana troops change the required tiles for each mana speed. Check it out…


Could you do one even in this format?

Can do! I’ll try to expand on that idea- I like it :slight_smile:

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Here’s the chart I made based on your original one, @FraVit93.

I also made one for defense. The defense one is in increments of 0.5 tiles because each tile that hits you on defense counts for “half a tile” of mana. --> IMPORTANT NOTE… SEE EDIT BELOW

EDIT: I think it’s important to make a distinction with the defense chart. There are two ways you could look at “Tiles Needed” and it’s very important!

Mana speed is almost always defined with respect to the amount of tiles needed to charge a hero’s special while on offense. The chart above is based on offense tile requirements. You’ve seen these numbers before. They are:

Very Slow: 13.5 tiles
Slow: 12 tiles
Average: 10 tiles
Fast: 8 tiles
Very Fast: 6.5 tiles

However, these numbers only apply to offense!

When on defense, each tile that hits you counts as HALF A TILE worth of mana. If you account for that, the amount of tiles you actually need to charge a hero’s special looks like this:

Very Slow: 27 tiles
Slow: 24 tiles
Average: 20 tiles
Fast: 16 tiles
Very Fast: 13 tiles

That would make the defense chart above look like this:

Both ways have their merits. It just depends on what you’re trying to look at. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing…


The defense one is more useful than I initially thought. Since each turn counts as “one tile” on defense, you can figure out how to optimize mana bonuses. Here’s a depiction of tiles needed to charge your character as turns go by:

Example… It is beneficial to have a 12% mana bonus on an average speed hero because after the third turn, they would be fully charged if 12 tiles hit them (because each defence tile counts as 0.5 tiles towards mana regen):

I can make more turn-based mana sheets if enough people find them useful.

EDIT: Clarification of example

After looking at this information is Ariel a viable tank with emblems focused on defense and health?

Yes, she is. Expecially when paired with a Gravemaker flank and Zeline.


What would be better with mana troops?
Guin double purple
Ariel double GM

Alby needs 12 tiles to charge. Mana troops level 23 gives +13 % druid class another 4% this makes him average speed on offense. Is my math correct?

Guin with one purple and Gravemaker.

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