4* troops - mana or not?

I think I have an understanding of the math involved in the mana calculation, and I have a particular hero in mind (Hansel) that I’d like someday to get down to 9 tiles.

I believe this means I need 11.1% mana boost. With emblems, +19 talent gives a 2% boost. Lvl 17 mana troop gives 11%, so the talent will (someday) let me drop Hansel to 9 tiles at Lvl 17 troop instead of Lvl 23.

Are your with me so far? Good! :slight_smile:

Here’s my issue: I have the OTHER 4* Green troop, NOT the mana troop. Up to now, I’ve just been leveling up what the game gave me, so that troop is Lvl 11.

The question then becomes: Should I just keep leveling that, and just enjoy the benefits of a more and more powerful 4* Green troop, even if I hope to get and level the mana troop someday? Or would it be wise to stop leveling this one and save all my green troop feeders… for a day that hopefully will come, but who knows? RNG might never give me that troop. :slight_smile:

What do you think? Bird in the hand, and such?

I would level a single mana troop for every color and don’t bother with the other ones.

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I would agree with the strategy of powering up one of each Mana Troop. I should also point out that Hansel is a fast hero rather than Average so normally charges in 8 tiles under standard conditions.

If you want to trim him down to 7 tiles you’ll need to have either Level 29 Mana Troops OR Level 23 Mana Troops+the Mana Boost node at +19 for Hansel. You can also temporarily make him faster by pairing him with any heroes that give a temporary mana boost such as Lancelot or Ariel or the Mana Boosting Elemental Link coming on Kingston in a few months time.


Oops, thanks for pointing that out. I must’ve been thinking of Proteus, who I also have, and he is Average speed. (Fortunately, I do have the purple mana troop!)

OK, so it sounds like when I was newer to the game (playing 9 months now), I found myself going, “Ooh! 4* troop! Must level it!” - and in the long-term I would’ve been better off if I could’ve just saved all those feeders to wait until I got a 4* mana troop… bummer. Oh well, I guess I will just stop pushing the levels up on those and wait until I get the mana troop, and whatever stockpile of feeders I have by then, every little bit will help. :slight_smile:

Or I guess I could take another perspective: It will take so ridiculously long to level one up from new to Lvl 23 anyway, that sheesh… maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath for it anyway. :wink: Or maybe someday down the road, they’ll make leveling up troops less of a ridiculous burden. (That would probably tick off the people who have spent ridiculous amounts of money leveling up 4* to 30, I suppose.)

Good gaming!

I personally level multiple troops because I either run mono teams or 3/2 teams for war depending on what I’m facing. So having multiple troops leveled gives me an advantage doing that. Now I’ve been playing for just over a year, so figure out where you think your going and how your style of play will evolve and make your choices based on that. Some say just do manna troops, and I would disagree with that assertion if you plan on being a well rounded player…


I do quite often do stacks of 3-2 or 2-2-1 when I’m doing raids and war attacks. Usually this means using the 4* troop for one of the heroes, and a decently leveled 3* troop for the second of the same color, and then a 3* troop that is just Lvl 1 for the third. I do have two 4* troops for both blue and yellow, but neither are mana troop.

I guess with stacking in mind, I wonder if it’d be better to have three troops at Lvl 15 (for example), vs one troop at Lvl 25… or whatever the math works out to be on that. Certainly, for a rainbow defense team (which I adhere to), having ONE really good troop of each color is helpful, but perhaps the raid/war benefits would be more impactful of having a variety of troops.

For 3* tournament purposes, I did level one of each 2* attack troop up to Lvl 10 at least, now I’m moving on to make sure I’ve got a decent (Lvl 10) of the 3* attack troops too. It is just 4* that I’m really concerned with whether I should start saving for future mana troops.

Thanks for the input, folks - I greatly appreciate different perspectives. :slight_smile: Sometimes I get to thinking about something, and my mind returns over and over to the same conclusion, but it helps to get some other opinions so I can maybe see something I hadn’t.

Good gaming!