Do Mana Troops Make A Difference During Rush Attack Tournaments/Wars?

Just curious if my heroes will be that much faster than very fast or should I switch to my ninja troops which give me a little bit more attack power.

I pretty much always use my mana troops so I’m really not sure.

In Rush, all heroes charge as very fast, which is 6.5 tiles. To reduce that to 6 tiles, or 2 3-tile matches, you need 9% mana boost.

If your hero doesn’t have any mana boost from emblem node, then you need a level 11 mana troop.

2% mana node and you need a level 5 mana troop.

4% mana node and you need only a level 1 mana troop.

Costume bonuses will also affect what level troop you need


Ok. Thank you so much.

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with a proper level on mana troops you can have fast charge besides it’s depends on how do you like to play which heroes you like to use!!

Also, if you can reach 30% mana regen, you can charge in 5 tiles.

This is your friend.


WOW!!! Thank you!!!

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These are my spreadsheets I made to help with each individual heroes troop requirements. I have every type of hero speed and all 3 types of troops that affect Mana generation.