Mana Troops help

I’m curious, what do you need to make a hero go up a mana speed level?

For example, I have a level 15 mana troop (+9%) and pirate family bonus (+2%) on my Marie-Therese — is she considered an average mana speed hero now with that? If i took Finley out (since he’s not maxed yet) would the 9% be good enough to go up a speed level?

What percentage of mana boosts do you need to go up a mana speed level? Is it the same percentage for every mana speed level or do you need a different mana boost going from slow to average than you would for average to fast?

Thanks for any help you may be able to give! :smiley:

It changes with different speeds.
See here below a 7DD’s sheet with the required level for reduce the mana cost by one.


oh thanks that’s a great graphic! So I’m not at level 17 yet but does the family bonus make up for that making her slow act like a average ability

Also, does that mean if you have a level 23+ mana troop, your very slow hero can essentially be an average hero?! That’s badass!

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The level is for the troops (not player level) but slow heroes would only be able to charge as medium heroes when having 20% increased mana speed as they normally charges with 12 tiles.
A maxed mana troop only increase the speed up to 15% so you would need to stack other effects or to get a bigger mana bonus as the one provided from Ariel.

Tiles required for different speeds are:
6,5 very fast
8 fast
10 average
12 slow
13,5 very slow

the 0,5 usually need a whole tile to charge but mana effects speed them up.
For example a very fast hero with 9% bonus mana generation would charge with 6 tiles only as 1,09 x 6 > 6,5

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When I said level 17, I meant level 17 for my troop (thoug my I’m at troop level 15 currently)

So currently I have +11% mana gen (9 from troop, 2 from pirate bonus), if it takes 12 tiles to fill the mana for a slow hero, how many tiles is it for a slow hero with +11% mana gen?

According to this it looks like it would take 11 tiles at 11% (10% actually) for a slow hero