Final emblem mana boost?

I have melendor at +19 and the last position for druid had the mana boost. I think its a 4% boost once full. I want to know if its worth using them for that or better to start another hero. What level mana troop would I need to use to make a difference if I did fill that spot? He’s average but what level troops are needed as well for slow, avg and fast heroes? Thanks.
He has basically become a low level 5* so if I could fire him faster that would be great. I have lvl 9 mana troops right now.

Lvl 11 mana troop to get him to charge in 9 tiles instead of 10 with that 4% bonus

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Ok, thanks. That isn’t bad from the l9 i have. Guess I’ll let him keep emblems regardless of once I maxed a 5* druid.

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Here’s a rule of the thumb:

Sequence of 4* mana troop levels that actually matter: 1, 5, 11, 17, 23, 29

Very Fast heroes benefit from lvl 11
Fast heroes benefit from lvl 29
Average heroes benefit from lvl 23
Slow heroes benefit from lvl 17
Extra slow heroes benefit from lvl 1 and lvl 11

Rule of thumb is - if you have a talent for +2% - you shift the troop requirements down by 1 step in the sequence.
If you have a talent for +4% - you shift your troop requirements down by 2 steps in the sequence.

Example - slow hero like Alberich will need lvl 17 troop to shave off one tile, but with +4% class talent, he will only need level 5 (two steps from 17 in the level sequence).
Fast hero with +2% will need lvl 23 troop, but with +4% will shave off a tile with only lvl17 troop.


Would people recommend going the 2% mana route at lvl 19 for Fast offensive raid heroes? Like I have Grimm at lvl 18 now. It’s pretty rare that you’d get an 8-tile charge up when raiding anyway, right? It’s almost always 3 matches (so at least 9 tiles) to your first charge. So yeah - I can’t see the point in potentially getting that 8-tile charge sooner.

So I guess what I’m saying is, getting a hero from Fast to Very Fast only really matters for your defence team. Is that right?

%2 mana boost doesn’t change anything without proper level mana troops.

And, Grimm is charged with 10 tiles, not 9.

Here, check out this link:

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Thanks @Ebonest. So it is useful to go the mana boost route with Grimm then, right? That’d mean he’d charge in 9 tiles at lvl 17 troops (which I’ll have soon), rather than 23 (which I won’t have for ages).

Getting that 9-tile charge seems like the most important thing for raiding.

I’m a bit reluctant to go the mana path given that it only really saves you time while you’re waiting on troop levels, but I can always reset later.

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Yes, go with it. Emblemed Grimm is great, especially delicious when charging with 9 tiles.

But you should have 5* candidates for Barbarian emblems if you are close to having lvl17 mana troops

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Haha! I should - 5* Barbarians are eluding me though.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Lol tell me about it. I pulled JF and Quintus for wiz and sorc classes. Still looking for better options to max

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