Any justification for mana node on fast heroes?

It seems like 2% with regard to fast heroes is pointless, no? Does that number even contribute meaningfully when ghosting tiles?

If I’m correct, it seems it only allows use of level 23 mana troop instead of 29 to charge with 7, but mine are at 11 so it’s hard to justify this route thinking that far ahead.

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Pretty much it’s just for using a level 23 mana troop over a level 29 mana troop.

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For Costume Sonya or Tyrum (fast hero), adding the 2% to the 5% costume bonus would improve their defense speed in 3* and 4* Tournaments (no mana troop allowed), because I think it’s 7% required to reduce the number of tiles absorbed to fully charge mana?

That’s all I can think of.

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