Is Costumed Domitia better than Seshat now?

As the title suggests, is the new Domitia with costume bonus better or at least as good as the mighty Seshat now? Remember, with a level 5 mana troop a tile gets shaved off Domitia and she essentially becomes “fast” speed. Cards below:

I’d venture to say she is at least as good now. I’m impressed.


A better match now for sure but Seshat still takes the cake. Fast is fast and will always be better than Average, and infinite minions can decide the end-game


Nop, she’s good but not as good as Seshat. If she was able to cleanse all allies well maybe she would have been on par with her. Still she’s pretty good in both forms.

I prefer rigard as my “fast” cleanser (it’s 9 tiles but a fast hero is 8 and may be reduced to 7 with a 15% mana troop).


True…but cleanse or dispel is powerful even though it’s only self and neighbors. Stats across the board are better for Domitia. Mana speed your talking 8 tiles vs 9 tiles…can make a difference to be sure, but in general it’s 3 matches for either. Is the minion that much better than the poison DOT? Seshat does have that mana cut innate resistance that is gold though too. You may be right, but I’m
Still impressed it’s even a discussion. It’s a close call.


With lvl 23 mana troops I don’t see much of a difference between fast and avg, TBH. Seshat and Domitia are a much closer match if you can spare the mana troops for her. I still really like Seshat’s minion swarm, but Domi is winning me over.

After a lot of debate, giving Domi tabards over Clarissa.

Oh, and best bonus… Domi actually looks kinda awesome now, so I won’t even have to be embarrassed rolling her out every day.

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Fair point but the number of times I have lost to Seshat in the left wing producing infinite minions (protecting her last sliver of health) is too much for me to bear lol

Although Dom takes the stats, it is not by too much and as a point of differentiation I’d look to the special itself. 1 tile can make a huge difference. And it’s still 2 tiles difference if you have a maxed purple mana troop


Yeah, Seshat is definitely better on a defense team. Attack team, I think I might like Domitia as much, or maybe even better now??

(And don’t have maxed purple troops. I quit all my troops at 23 so I can work on the next one for cheap :laughing:)


Her costume is awesome, she’s good but I would still give it to Seshat.

I think you’re thinking about this the right way and the fact that this is even a question pretty much tells us how credible Domitia’s costume is.

A few points:

  • Mana speed is still different in an important way: from those baseline stats, Seshat can take a beefy crit troop, whereas you must give Domitia a mana troop to shave off a tile.

  • It isn’t yet clear to me where / how Domitia will fit in to purple stacks. I’m NOT saying she’s bad, I’m saying I don’t yet know how to leverage, for example, her cleanse vs. Rigard’s. But generally, in terms of comparing Seshat and Costumed Domitia, I feel like you’re going to need either a cleanse or a dispel, so there’s no need to compare the two - you just take the one that has the skill you need in that particular raid.

  • Seshat’s minions are a priority, once spawned. There are only a handful of effects in the game that are truly urgent. A huge defense down is one - you MUST cleanse it or you die (in contrast, an attack debuff is NOT like that). Seshat’s minions are less than that - maybe more like the urgency level of a burn - it is still foolish to ignore them or you will NOT be able to kill her later (well, not in a single move anyway). She presents a game element that complicates decisions for the opponent. Say she fires: you can clear that minion now with your snipe or go ahead with your plan to heavily damage / kill a different hero. That’s a legit dilemma and both have consequences. You may now hit Seshat but then a weird tile splash triggers a healer and you can’t kill the target you could have sniped. It’s a game - weird stuff happens all the time. Anyway, the point is, Domitia seems great now, but I don’t see her presenting those sorts of complications.


I’m having the same dilemma I still can’t decide whether to max domitia and her costume first or clarissa.

So im pretty curious to know what made you choose costume domitia over clarissa eventually @Gallowspider ?

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Agree…defensively I think there’s no question: Seshat is still the Queen. Offensively, I think I’m actually leaning to costumed Domitia. She hits harder, drops a poison DOT on top of that, and cleanses self and neighbors. If dispell is needed you can bring original Domitia, who still hits harder than Seshat and dispels…but I do think Seshat beats original Dom with costume stat boost at that point. Either way, color me impressed with the job SG did with her.


This is a good point. I also rarely use a full on dark stack, so this didn’t really pop in my head, either. I’d definitely give the nod to Seshat’s (albiet limited) synergy on a dark stack if you’re using Rigard or Kunch.

That said, Domitia does have the added synergy of her base costume on a Titan team, which gives her additional value in my eyes. I’d rather have costume bonus, base Domi on a Titan team than Seshat with her minion spam slowing me down.

I do rate a heroes effectiveness VS titans pretty highly as well when I’m trying to decide to promote, and if you aren’t going to use an emblemed up Ursena, Domitia has a nice advantage VS. Seshat by making your entire team hardier.

(DISCLAIMER: I keep arguing Devil’s advocate on this for fun, Seshat is obviously better, but I think I’m just excited it’s close enough to argue about! Also, I place a high, high value on Titan heroes, it’s why my Miki is nearly fully-noded even though he rarely appears in a war)


I agree that the cleanse is very impressive and makes the call tougher!

I think the minion reproduction on offence is still pretty critical TBH. I don’t see her as a defence-strong only hero

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The thing is that if Seshat is in your defense team yo will most likely have emblemed her and then she would have more tile damage than basic domitia (86 more if you have chosen the attack path) so I would still prefer Seshat on my titan team even with the minions I think.

Meh… got plenty of rogue emblems, too. Most rogues are crap.

(Aside from Jackal. He’s a good boy. Yes he is! :fox_face: )

…and just think, with Domi on your dark kill team, you can merrily go back to using an Ursena tank once the green meta is no more without the risk of overloading dark on your D-team. Cheers! :beers:


I agree the minions makes her really beefy on offense.

Moreover I have noticed that the IA tend to focus their special skills on Seshat once a minion have popped. There still a chance that they fire on another hero but most of time they will fire on Seshat. I’m okay with that since it allows my Rigard to survive most of the time.

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Nah i need those emblems on chacal and Maŕjana (she needs it really bad to fulfil her unique sniper role on the red side:/).

Fast > average, but costume Domita is pretty damn good IMO.

Here’s the bonus to embleming Domitia and focusing on attack I just realized: for rogue and ranger (her two classes), it’s the same route down the emblem tree! That’s an awesome bonus if you ask me!


If I got Domitia and poured emblems into her base form, would it count for her ranger side? Is this a way to max-emblem a ranger using rogue emblems instead?