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Oh you have a color roll before character ! Interesting…I did the calculation with only 2 steps : rarity then character.

Thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

Hi @Nekote,

Understand your pain…

Just received 2x Bane this event, making 7x Bane costumes.

Also have 8x of Gunnar, Hawkmoon and Brienne. :frowning_face:

Only had 1x Berden though. :wink:

Also @Blord. Only 5? :smile:

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Jean-F is in need of one too :wink: But no new costumes in the June event :sob:

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It is not the insight. It is a guess from a regular player.

A bit grumpy. I cannot be too sad about not getting the 5s I want (Lianna, Magni, Sartana and pretty please Joon), I know the odds. BUT I am still chasing C. Rigard since the first chamber. Still nothing from circa 25 pulls this time around either. I now have all other 4* costumes and all but two 3* costumes.

Did however get a third Kadilen in a month and at last a costumed Sonya which is ok.

Does anyone use C. Kadilen? The green 5* I have maxed are Lianna and Heimdall. Unleveled are Kadilen, Morgan le Fey and Chameleon. I am leaning towards Kadilen to get some more dmg going, but she’s obviously not the best for that

I’ve been battling this dilemma for the last month. I’ve got Clarissa 1.1, Domitia 3.70 (with costume) and a maxed Sartana. I still have 6 tabards - question is: Domitia or Clarissa? I’ve not a single emblem for Clarissa and she is my only very fast hero. Thoughts please.

I’ve chosen c. Domitia over Clarissa since I only have Sartana as another sniper and, same as you, no emblems. All my paladin emblems will go to Heimdall for the upcoming months

I will definitely level Clarissa after her though (when I get 6 more tabards, heh).

An additional “problem” with Clarissa is also that her dot conflict with so many other important purples, like Proteus and Sartana. It would mean a lot of wasted dmg because the dots don’t stack IMO

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Are you impressed with Domitia by far? The DoT is another argument not to level Clarissa as the first one. And I’m really impressed with the end stats on costumes Domitia to be fair.

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I’m still leveling her unfortunately, so I cannot give a full judgement. She’s now 3/70.

She has however been compared to seshat in another thread here somewhere, so she looks promising :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit link: Is Costumed Domitia better than Seshat now?

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I’m leveling cDom over Clarissa.

I’ve been watching that post myself. I’m really impressed with Costumed Domitia with all the boosts and was pretty much set up to max her, but the week after I’ve gotten Clarissa and Sartana from TC20. I went with Sartana at first and I’ll probably go with Domitia as second.

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Costumes were released for Classic Heroes only - no HOTM.
I’m guessing if they decide to go that route, there will be a different mechanism than the current design of the costume chamber.

I found a 5th key and got a Bane…Hope you did not pass your jinx on me :wink: (well, I did not pull a Gunnar so ther is progress in a sense XD)

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If that’s your first Bane then congratulations on the new costume :smile:

If it’s not… sorry :cry:

If you need Hawkmoon or Brienne I’d be happy to send you one if I could.

Yeah no worry it is the first :slight_smile: If I keep getting this one in the upcomings months it will mean I got your jinx and I’ll have to pass it onto someone else :wink:

Now who got my Gunnar Jinx I wonder XD

So I caved, purchased the offer, summoned using the keys, and can you guess who answered the call ?

Gunnar, of course, :cry:

I am actually looking forward to having Kashhrek costume maxed out. I only ever use regular Kashhrek when I have no other healers and/or greens to stack in wars.

But this costume version of him I think I will use more, and maybe in Trials too, possibly events.

Ouchie…tough one…sorry for you pal :’(

Let see next month if we really exchanged jinx…

I use Kadilen alot, and she has save me many times in raids and war, since she got her costume she’s very good.

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I’m sure this has been said but the first set of costumes are so lame. They were just minor adjustments to the damage done with an increase in the secondary effect to make up for it.
Look at Skittles compared to Little John for instance. Are there any plans to give them a shake up?

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