Ares of Jf / Killhare or Costume Domitia /Onatel Vs Malosi

I don’t have experience with most of these heroes (on offense), so take these comments with the appropriate grain of cumin:

  • Even though I already have GM, I wanted JF for the defensive buff flip mechanic, but failed to land him (what I’m saying here is that the conflicting burn wasn’t a problem in my mind).

  • I’m really excited about Costumed Domitia. I note that you lack a five star cleanser (and, particularly , Kunchen, for being in the right element), so I think she should be a strong consideration. You may be aware that some are arguing for her as valid choices over Clarissa and Seshat. Whether or not you agree, that’s heady company.

  • I’m not sold on Malosi, though that may be because I don’t have a yellow mana troop (I still get a lot of use out of Jackal so I don’t think it’s entirely about the troop). But Onatel is one of the most fun heroes on my roster. She’s one of only maybe 3-4 heroes in my deck that can win singlehandedly - I don’t mean necessarily by themselves, though sometimes that happens - but in terms of totally changing how a raid is going - the others are probably Mother North, Seshat, and maybe GM. She also has great synergy with Leo.

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