Domitia vs Sartana, Norm and Costume...who’s better and who gets tabards first?

Pics below for reference.


Both costume versions are for me better than the normal cards.

Costume Domitia looks really good for off to extra protect with the cleanser effect. If you do not have many heroes with this ability it could help you in war off.

However Sartana costume is probably one of the heaviest snippers and if you are planning to emblem her she would be also an option in deff at the wing spot.

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I would go Sartana Costume version (in fact I did do this & she’s now +18 as my War Wing Defender).

Fighter Class is one of the most lethal in the wings & can really screw up your day in offence. Plus her damage is best of the purple snipers (jabberwock excluded on a single target) and will serve very well :slight_smile:

In a nutshell, Sartana >> Domitia
Costume Sartana > Normal Sartana.


What about costumed domitia VS normal sartana.
Just pulled costume of domitia but i was about to level sartana. Now i’m doubting :slight_smile:

Any purple mana troop? If so, what level?

I have 2 lvl 11 mana troops. However i use them for kage and clarissa which are both very fast.

I intend to chose for sartana…
Maybe i Will level domitia to 3.70 and use her a while to see if i like her.

I see. I vote for costume Dom over non-costume Sartana.

In my opinion, only reason to choose Sartana over costume Dom is if you have many unassigned emblems for Sartana. Even though Sartana is fast, you have two very fast purple heroes, I believe Sartana’s poison doesn’t stack with Clarissa’s (I don’t have Clarissa, only Sartana), and costume bonus is nice.

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