Domitia (C) or Khiona?

I have both level 3-70 and just 6 tabards. Who shiuld I up? My Domitia is costumed, other way I would have no doubt about Khiona. But Domitia (CB) is realy strong

Depends what you need.

C. Domitia for raids, Khiona for titans.

I feel like Domitia is slightly better than Khiona, but Domitia can be replaced by Seshat or Sartana (if you have dispell or cleanse in lineup with Rigard or Sabina). In some situations is also good to have two dispelling/cleansing options in one lineup.

Dark doesnt have substitute for Khiona with AD stacking buff, unless you combine rigard buff with Miki or Tarlak.

Another advantage of C.Domitia is, you will get more of them down the line with pulling her from training camps and those Domitias will also have costume bonus.


Not unless you level each one including the costume…

My Domitia is costumed and I am uping simultaneously

As a long term owner of Khiona+18, I can confirm she is very nice

However, costumes make average heroes functionally fast (9 tiles) with a level 5 mana troop, meaning you can save your big mana troop for someone like Proteus or Hel. And I think Domitia costume is very powerful. The fact that Rigard C overwrites Khiona is also a downside for her

I think a Dom is probably the best choice here, I’d love to have her

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Thanks a lot, everyone. It’s not an easy choice, but, testing both in 3-70, Dom responding better and you guys were wonderful helping me. Thanks

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