Is Costumed Domitia better than Seshat now?

The self replecating minions and possibility to charge Seshat in 7 tiles or less still gives her the lead. The improvement of the Dom costume is really impressive though. So much better than the Quintus and Horghall costume changes.

Yes, counts for both sides…but applies to the same path for both.

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I would say they are close now. Domitia’s stat is better, and this is important too. Do note that with costume, Dom only needs a level 5 mana troop for a 9 tiles charge, which makes her better than non-costumed average heroes.

How does Domitia get a 9-tile skill with only a level 5 troop? Is this because rangers get a mana boost at skill rank 20? I don’t know which is harder, getting a level 23 troop or a rank 20 5*. Both are so distant…

Because the costume gives a 5% mana gen bonus…:stuck_out_tongue:

She is 9 tiles without any emblems applied.



I want one :joy:

ALL costumes give +5% attack, +5% defense, +5% mana gen, and +10% health.


Do these bonus stats apply if your equipped with the costume or not equipped?

You have to have the Hero’s costume fully levelled for the FULL bonus, but once you do it applies to the standard hero and their costume. When you look at the hero in the costume summon portal it shows what they look like with the bonuses


I’ll admit the first time I faced a Seshat, I severely underestimated her as she was only at 3/70. Well let’s just say the match got down to 3 vs 1, and those endlessly spawning minions actually managed to wipe out my last 3 heroes. :scream: Yeah that truly was a teaching moment for me.

I’d actually rate her replicator minions above a burn and maybe slightly below a def down. The problem is the minions effectively provide endless “healing” for Seshat if you can’t punch through them fast enough, and if all your snipers are dead, you better hope you stacked yellow and can cascade tiles into her or it’s basically game over.


fully levelled costumed already have a 5% mana bonus, so it only needs level 5 mana troop instead of level 23 mana troop to drop 1 tile.

For my opinion the winner is Seshat… The minions are amazing and she is fast… the best dark hero with Jabby

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Seshat for me. The minions alone makes her better. These minions replicate, attacks, defends the hero from dircect damage, dot, and even damage from riposte.

I have experiences where i won raids with my seshat vs 1 healer and 2 5* snipers/damage dealers. Take note, EXPERIENCES, plural, which means that it were not flukes but because seshat is really great.


That is actually an incredible pro! Thank you for pointing that out. I haven’t done any research on Domitia specifically, but it is kind of a bother to plan them out if you know you’ll use both forms. I remember agonizing a long time with Sonya for that reason - her paths weren’t synergized with what I wanted that well.

I liked Domitia’s costume, but this thread has really reinforced that and I’m now even higher on it. To the point that I’m wondering if it’s one of the best in this (the second) batch. For her to be even discussed as a competitor to Seshat is telling. I think Seshat is universally agreed to be an A card, so if Domitia is even close that strongly suggests that Domitia is no worse than an A-.

Lastly, just because I can’t believe we’ve all not said it so far, but there is one key area where Seshat is WAY better than Domitia, and that is against Guinevere. Since release that has been a large component of her value and usage. Less so with the reign of Telluria. But Guinevere tanks might regain some share of the Diamond Arena now, post balance changes.


I am really going hard for Clarissa this month, using all my resources to try and pull her. I did 40 ish pulls so far in various events and have not pulled her. Just yesterday I’ve managed to pull costume Domitia. With my purples being massively underwhelming (Obakan at 1.1 and Grimble at 2.60) I thought she might be the hero that finally gets the set of tabards as I still have 10 saved up. I thought I’d give it time til the end of the month on the off chance I will pull Clarissa in Valhalla.

Just yesterday I made a joke about costume Domitia that she is the poor man’s Clarissa, but the more comments I read the more impressed I am. She gets the 5% mana bonus with the maxed costume, she has better stats and is very versatile.

I don’t think she is better than Seshat, but given all the comments above, I think she is a strong competitor and will be a painful one to fight against in defence.


Agree. Domitia with costume is a valid option especially with the possibility to switch between dispell and cleanse. Good versatility for setting up war teams…
Especially cleanse became for me more and more important with the GTV defenses. I will get the last tabard needed with next Morlovia and hope to make up my mind until then if they go to Domitia with costume, who I pulled yesterday or to very fast Clarissa waiting at 3.70. tough choice…

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Fast can be fast regardless of troop. That means crit troop Seshat can survive much longer than Domitia, particularly factoring in minions.
  • Domitia at average needs a mana troop to be fast. Even with Costume Bonus, she’s still squishy.

But frankly, the difference between both c. Domitia and Seshat is very small now. And I think that’s fair, given you need the costume to bring Domitia up to that level – it’s actually kinda sad how bad Domitia is compared to Seshat, so honestly I’m glad the costume makes that gap much smaller now.

If you have both, I’d say use the one you prefer. Or both, specially for wars; why not :stuck_out_tongue:


Chiming in as someone who uses Seshat regularly on offense (and she’s my only Purple hitter aside from Tiburtus):

Those replicating minions are key on offense as well. I’ve won quite a few raids with Seshat my last hero standing, against up to 3 heroes left on the field.

And if all 3 are weak hitters (healers, support heroes, or even weaker AOEs) who cannot blast through her minions? It’s just a matter of time before you win. (Recently won one with Seshat against Anzogh + Kadilen + Li Xiu, none of the 3 could do anything to her, while she laughed and sniped them off one by one).

But I also agree with those who say: Domi’s cleanse vs. Seshat’s dispel are not really comparable. Sometimes you need one, sometimes the other. I would hesitate to rate either (new) Domi or Sesh as objectively, always better than the other.

I too agree that Domitia’s costume is a huge improvement, also differentiates her from Seshat.

I also agree that most likely Seshat is still stronger - I really love her, all her features work greatly, a truly well designed hero - but I would be happy to have a Costumed Domitia if I didn’t have Seshat. Also because Costumed Domitia means that I have two set of abilities from which I can choose from… which is an advantage not to be taken lightly

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C. Domitia is better than Clarissa IMO. I have Clarissa maxed and she’s just really underwhelming. Maybe she needs emblems to shine, but I’m not feeling her at all right now.

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