Who is better? Domitia-C(CB) vs Seshat comparision

  1. Mana - Average+C vs Fast, Seshat will charge with troops as 4+3, but Domitia with 3x3. Point to Seshat
  2. Damage - Domitia has more damage due to CB and recent buff. Point to Domitia.
  3. Class - Domitia has both Ranger and Rogue classes (Rogue emblems), Seshat - ranger only. Ranger vs Rogue emblems - depends on roster. Point to Domitia for versatility
  4. Special - Seshat has way more survivability due to her replicators, and has passive ability to prevent mana reduction, but Domitia is way more versatile due to ability to change from cleanse to dispel and vise versa. Point to both.

So, Domitia wins) Or I am wrong?

I have both, use both, love both but overall I slithly like more seshat because of the survivability and the fact that mana cut does not work against her (very usefull for rush attack and against bera/freya tanks)


I have both and don’t use Domitia. Seshat’s ability to dispel buffs plus minion replicator keeps her in my steady rotation. Along with her ability to resist mana reduction made it easy to leave Domitia (c) on my bench and focus on other Darks.

Nice comparison! My initial thought was to take Seshat over Dom, but I do like the versatility argument.

[quote=“rilian, post:1, topic:244556”]
Class - Domitia has both Ranger and Rogue classes, Seshat - ranger only. Ranger vs Rogue emblems - depends on roster.
[/quote] I did not get this. Regardless of the change in class, you still need to use rogue emblems to give her talents. So the versatility is rather for the trial quests, you are still obliged to give her emblems of only one class.

Otherwise, I think many costumes have this versatility that makes them quite valuable to max (Sonya, Vivica, Caedmon, Grimm, Ulmer etc).

You have Seshat prior leveling Domitia, right? But if not so, then question who to level is not so obivious)

I have both, but while Seshat remains my all-time favorite hero (Lady of the Lake would probably come second), Domitia only gets occasionally used in my sixth war hit.

In fact, once I finish maxing costume Rana and score one more poison dart, I’m going to start maxing Aouda and strip Domitia of her rogue emblems so I can give them to Aouda instead.

BTW, this is the team I use exclusively in regular daily raids.

People often tout about how there’s no difference in practice between a fast hero and an average speed hero with a 12% or higher mana bonus, but my team often has raids where I match a combination four and three tiles and now both Panther and Sartana are ready to cast their specials. Then I may trigger the dragon in the absence of other dark matches to make and now both Seshats are ready to fire. Rigard in this case still needs one more tile before he’s ready to go. And when I do make the next 3-match, he’s going to end up wasting two of those tiles. Meanwhile Panther and Sartana are already mere three tiles away from being able to cast their specials a second time.


I used both but I like seshat. Her replicator minions will make her last standing hero in most of the raids. I won it just because of her. U forgot to mention about Seshat minions and how strong her minions can get if u use her with Frosth


I mentioned about Seshat Minions, but I do not count Frosth.

If I had pulled both of them at the same time, I would still focus primarily on Seshat over Domitia. I did even do a topic asking which Dark should I focus on and most people told me to not focus on Domitia (primarily because of my other options [Bera, Dr. Moreau, Malicna and eventually Onyx.)

What about seshat’s elemental link ? What about pierce from ranger emblems when she fight against reposte to dispel buff ? Does regular domitia evade counter attacks? No right ? Oh costume can pierce but she cannot dispel reposte with costume !

Overall it’s comparing fast mana v/s average. It’s not equal. Difference we will see when we get bad board.

Overall it’s comparing fast mana v/s average. It’s not equal.

8 vs 9 tiles? It is almost equal for me. I even want to replace my Lepus with ThorneCB in my blue team)

What about pierce from ranger emblems when she fight against reposte to dispel buff ?

Sabinyash wiil save you) She is a better dispel than Seshat)

Double dispel needed only vs taunters)

For me, if you have C.Domi, you do not Seshat and those ranger emblems can be spent to Devana or C.Lianna)

But if you have Seshat - C.Domi can wait)

It’s more fast vs average. With fast heroes you can go down to 7 tiles and its really a big difference. I can’t count the times where I was able to cast in two moves (4tiles + 3 tiles) and how decisive it can be.


I also have both Seshat and Domita with costume. Another point of consideration in favor of Domitia with costume is her being either a dispeller (to target and nearby) or cleanser (to herself and nearby). Also, original Domitia also buffs elemental defense against holy to herself and nearby while costumed Domitia inflicts poison DoT to target and nearby. The costume bonus really boosts her a lot since you only need at least a level 5 mana troop for her to fire in 9 tiles.

I have both Dom + costume and seshat but that resist Mana cut is a huge factor… I can unload all other specials and kill a bera/Freya and still be able to use seshat special on someone else cause her Mana did not get cut. Or if your tiles go craY and you take out that bera or Freya unintentionally and everyone was charged up… Then at least you still have 1 hero ready to fire.

Costume Dom is good and better stats… But those minions and Mana cut resistance are two major factors that are often major contributors in battles.


I think than mana troops more for average and vfast heroes (Sabinyash, RIgs, Malicna, Clarissa, Alfrike), so, I do not see reason to moving mana troops from, say, Malicna, to Seshat or another fast)

Yeah I agree very fast and average are priority for Mana troops… Next I would say very slow cause the double tile drop

And for Malicna charge)

I never said otherwise.

I’m just saying that a 1 tile difference is much more relevant that you may think.

even 12-11 or 8-7? For me, this difference is working only when it shred match-3’s (10-9, 14-12, 7-6).

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