How to play in War (ATK)?

In war my scores are very erratic, sometimes I end up 1st and sometimes almost last (never last :wink:). I would like to be more consistent. I am in an alliance where all opponents do have the same color tank. I understand that getting the right tiles helps a lot, but I believe you can have some control, even how minimal that might be. I have enough good heroes to come up with 6 mono teams, but if that is the right approach, I do not know. If I want to attack what should I do, what should I look for, to what do I need to pay attention, how should my team look like, 3/2, 4/1, mono, etc. etc.?

Your help is much appreciated!

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Going mono presents the biggest risk in offence. But with a decent board you can one shot quite easily. But your heroes have to have some synergy too.
Do you use mono in raids?
Have you tried 3/2?

IMO, better way to consider…

  1. If they have heavy buff, like counterattack, attackbuff, def buff, etc… then bring dispeller.
  2. If they have heavy status ailment to our allies, then bring cleanser or status protector or blocker.
  3. If we lack of dispeller/cleanser, bring strong color againts the most danger opponent.
  4. Bring counterpart to flip of special opponent, so if opponent have defdown to allies, we bring def up to allies, if opponent have defodwn to their allies, we bring def down to oponent, if opponent have Alfrike, we bring Gullinburti, etc…
  5. Focus on one side (left or right) opponent to clear, even the HP is low and we overload the special skill.

I try some times mono, 3-2, 4-1, mostly 3-2 and mono.
The most important is synergy in teams, so do not bring the same effect which is overwrite each other.

It depend on heroes and synergy, mono if heroes are not sturdy it is risk…


Personally, I don’t like going with mono teams in wars. It’s just too risky.

I’ve got six fixed rainbow teams which usually work in all kind of wars, but I sometimes change one hero for another 4* depending on the enemy heroes’ abilities/ colour.
In all of them I’ve always got a dispeller, as the majority of teams have buffers.

Another tip is try focusing on one enemy. I always try to kill first the most powerful enemy hero and leave the healer to the end. I know some colleagues in the alliance that try killing the healer first, but if he/she remains as the last hero, he/ she won’t be able to defeat you.

Hope I could’ve helped you.:wink:


This is usually a full emblemed Rigard in a wing. If our attackers still alive, no prob, otherwise, lose guaranteed.

Edit: forgot to mention, during field aid


@JGE, in raids I normally go mono or 4/1, a little bit depending on the opponent and which color I need to bring (red is my weakest color).


The answer depends on oh so many factors. If you are the strongest player in your alliance by reason that you have more heroes maxed and have more troops highly leveled leveled, then it would be expected that you will be among the top scorers in the alliance war battling alliance. If you are weakest, then it would be expected that you would perform poorly compared to the rest. You also need to consider the level of the alliance war you are participating, the heroes you have and your depth, including the troops. You also contend with the boards as RNG is known to be screwing us every now and then.

As to the attack strategy, please use the search option of this forum. There are a lot of players’ guides peppered here everywhere, including YouTube links of certain raids and war hits you can directly view in the forum.

One last thing, rainbow attack is one where all your 5 heroes each have different elements (blue, green, red, yellow and purple). This is the least popular among the attack strategy as it does not exploit tile power compared to stacking several or all heroes of the same element in killing enemy heroes. It is ideally and effectively used with select prized heroes made by some elite players. Most common attack strategies are mono (all heroes are of the same color, usually of the element which deals strong damage against the enemy tank, i.e. all reds vs green tank, or all blues against red tank, or all greens vs blue tank, or all yellow against purple tank and vice versa), 4-1 (where 1 is the off-color hero of a different element usually reserved for healers or heroes that resurrect fallen allies), 3-2 (where 3 is the number of heroes that deals strong damage against the enemy tank while 2 is the number of 2 heroes of a different element brought to combat the most threatening enemy flank, 2-2-1, etc.

Just continue summoning heroes and look for guides here who are the prized ones, level good troops, emblem maxed heroes, etc.

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I would usually agree with you, but this is so not true. Rather, there’s an expectation these players would take on the toughest defenses. This does not always translate to the highest score. :thinking:

Oh my… Disagree. Rather, the team mates with the weaker hero rosters would take on more clean ups, than go for one shots. Efficient clean ups can earn valuable points for the alliance too.

At the end of the day, alliance wars takes teamwork and everyone playing to their strengths.

Back on topic…

As the others have said, mono is risky and can pay off big, or end up with single digit damage. There’s lots of threads on mono vs 3:2 vs rainbow attack formations all over the forum.

I’d have a chat with your alliance mates before attacking, or even share possible war team setups for feedback. A lot depends on your play style, and obviously your hero roster.

Some handy hints on this thread @Brainwave .


@Ultra, thank you for your reply. I belong to one of the stronger players in my allie (30 members), always top 5 at titans, top 5 concerning trophies and like mentioned before sometimes on top in war and sometimes 15 to 20. I have quite a lot of maxed 5* heroes with and wirhout emblems up to 20. My troops are at max at lvl 22 and I have 5 4* troops of each colors, but unfortunately the rest unleveled or only a few levels. Still I encounter to many difficulties to be also top 5 in war all the time. That’s why I created this topic. I will search again on this topic and will watch more war video’s.

@Sarah2, glad that you bring this up, because normally I look at the strongest opponents to leave the weaker ones for others. This can go well or really bad… I never attack a team below 4K for all 6 flags. Maybe I think I am stronger than I actually am… lol!


You can always share your hero roster and get feedback from the forum community. If you have Line, I’d be happy to invite you to a hero Line group with a wealth of knowledgeable players and information to.

My main alliance faces on average 4600 teams and 95% of the time green tanks. I have set war teams I practise raiding with to assess synergy etc. My teams are mostly 3:2 but I also have 4:1 teams where the one is an off colour healer. Some teams are 3:2 strong against the tank or 4:1 strong against a flank. But every team is at the mercy of RNG :wink:.


Well, first you need to find what meta you feel more comfortable with: raonbow, mono, 3-2, 3-1-1, etc.

Then, what I do is to form a team that has, at least the following hero types: Attack booster, Def Downer, healer/cleanser/dispeller, a suitable support hero and a sniper/finisher.

The most important thing in any team is synergy, here is an example:

My 1st mono red team is composed of Grazul+9, BK+18, G. Falcon+20, Anzogh+9 and Zimkitha (no red snipers for me, ever).

Those heroes are considered mediocres in attack, however, with the synergy they achieve, I have a +90% win rate against any green tank, and I’m not afraid to face GM, Vela, Drake, Finley, etc.

So, whatever the color mix you choose, they need to work well together, and you will see better and more consistent results.



It’s alright whether you agree or disagree with me. I think you are talking in the perspective of a player belonging to elite alliances. My first post was in the point of view of majority of the players not belonging to elite and/or organized and/or competitive alliances because OP would not come here to ask that question in this very forum had he belonged to one as his alliancemates would surely be able to provide him with the necessary information.

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A lot of good tips mentioned. I may have missed your attack team power relative to your opponents’ defenses. Team power is not an “end-all” determination in picking you’re targets, but it’s a starting point. In general, and a very rough guide with other considerations, in regards to team power:

Even opponent- very highly likely to win
Opponent +200 - highly likely to win
Opponent +500 - likely to win
Opponent +750 - inconsistent results
Opponent +1000 - more likely to lose
Opponent +1500 - you’ll need best tiles to win

Your hero selection is very important. Without knowing your roster, I recommend 2 utility/healers max, a min of 3 heroes that inflict damage (may be hybrids with low damage) on each attack team.

Mono, 4-1, 3-2, or other will be your choice on what works best for your heroes and play style. Mono is biggest risk for biggest reward.

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In a war I would not see a 4.2tp team taking on a 4.7tp team as likely to win. What do you base this on? In fact in many alliances you would be discouraged from taking on with such a differential unless you have a proven track record of consistent winning (>50%) in such match-ups. Depending on different factors, I would see this kind of match up as a 40 (could be even less depending on your heroes and opponent heroes and skill level and type of war)-60% chance of winning.

Ah No. Actually my friend, this is what I’ve surmised from all the alliances I’ve visited to be the case.

My F2P account at Level 39, is on clean up duty in alliance wars, amongst my Level 60 alliance mates. Efficient clean ups can earn big points for the alliance too. :wink:

We can agree to disagree :innocent:.

Back on topic… Good luck in the next war @Brainwave

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This is important in most match-ups, but is also highly dependent on your heroes and your overall strategy.

For example, if I bring Lady Loki I will generally try not to kill off GM and Vela until I have had a chance to reflect them back. I will try not to kill Seshat until I have had a chance to steal her minion. Jabber and Finley always deserve to die as fast as you can bring it to them.

In some circumstances a healer or cleanser will disrupt your strategy so it makes sense to target them early. Or if you want to dump a whole bunch of tiles into them before any damage has been done. In general I agree that the healer can be left until last. I also leave heroes such as Fenrir and Tyr and Malosi last as they can’t do much to hurt me. Also Bera and Freya if you have effective minion countering heroes.

Often the tank is the one you want to take out first, as they can be dangerous and also so you can ghost tiles. But in some scenarios you want to leave the tank as a tile dump and focus on killing off more dangerous heroes.

If you are trying to take out a specific hero, then it is important to finish them before they fire a special or recover, even if you overkill them.

Sometimes the most dangerous hero is just the one with the most mana. Sometimes it is the reviver if left until last, in other cases the reviver can be harmless.

I guess what I am saying is that there are some guiding principles but it is also very much case by case dependant based on your heroes and opponent heroes and also how the opponent heroes are charging their man

I was told once from my old leader, he doesn’t care too much with his points, esp before a full reopening all of opponents. He prefers attacking the thoughest defenses, as Sarah2 said, and would likely open a cleaning duty for more, uhm, weaker mate if he can’t one shot these opponents.




I agree with you.

This was my attempt to put numbers with selecting war targets, it may not hold true for all players and all war opponents, especially at the extremes of training alliances and high-end alliances.

I take on the roll of last resetter, facing the higher opponents left on the board (typically 4500+). If you want the reset, they must be attacked. My teams are ~3900, mono. So, this was based on my own personal experience. I’m not warring at an elite level, so I would not dispute your numbers.

Thank you for providing another perspective.

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Well, not all alliances are elite, but others may be organized or competitive. At least you are in a group where it is organized or competitive. I dunno the level or stage of the OP’s alliance is or where its leadership is heading and whether they have war strategy or not, designation of hitters and cleaners, attack time coordination, etc… or they just attack when they feel the need to attack. If it was just organized or competitive, his alliances mate would be able to help him answer that question. Him coming to the forum with that matter, I also surmise that his alliance is not that organized in war with strict ruleset that needs to be followed or competitive compared to where your alt account is.

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